DIY Vase for Back To School Gift!

August 25, 2014

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Last Updated on May 17, 2019

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

You guys!  My sweet baby girls are heading into a new preschool year after a fun summer break!  I can't quite believe ANOTHER year has passed.  This year, they move to a classroom down the hall from the one they were in last year.  They will be in the 3 year old classroom this year.  That means pre-K next year.  WHAT?!   NOOOOOOOO!  Time.  Stop.  Passing.  So.  Quickly.

Enough whining from me!  We truly are blessed to have the girls in a preschool that we love beyond words.  Our girls started attending preschool one morning a week when they turned a year old.  At 18 months old, we increased it to two mornings a week and last year, when they were 2 1/2, we increased to three mornings a week.  Well, this year, we have decided on 5 mornings a week–GASP!  They have never spent so much time away from home.  Every day from 9 am to 1 pm, we will turn to them over to the loving teachers and staff of our preschool.  We feel it's time and the girls are so, so excited about it.

Our preschool is full of the most amazing teachers I could hope for.  We do not know the 3-year-old teacher or her assistant well.  I have met the lead teacher only briefly, but I liked her immediately and can tell we will adore her just as much as our girls' past teachers!  So, for the first day of school, I want to do something special for her.

I quickly decided to take her flowers on the first day of school, but I wanted an extra special vase to put them in.  Then I came up with a cute idea :)  Why not make a DIY vase that is cute AND functional?!  With an idea in mind, I headed out with the girls to Office Depot {gotta love those Office Depot Rewards and all of the back to school deals going on} and got to work.  I picked out colorful Mr. Sketch markers, neon Sharpie Highlighters and colorful PaperMate pens.

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

 Materials Needed to Make a DIY Vase:

  • Mr. Sketch scented markers
  • Sharpie Highlighters
  • PaperMate Pens
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A large, plastic or metal container {I used a large tupperware container, but a 28 ounce can would probably work well, too}

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

Steps to make a DIY Vase:

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

1)  Layout your markers, highlighters and pens to decide on a color pattern that you are happy with.  I decided to keep like colors grouped together.

2) My markers, highlighters and pens were a bit shorter than my plastic container.  So, my first step was to use my hot glue gun to attach ribbon to the top portion of the container that would be exposed.  You may or may not be able to skip this step depending on the height of your container.

3) Next, use your glue gun to attach your markers, highlighters and pens to the vase.

3) Once your entire container is covered, tie your wide ribbon around the vase.

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

4) Place your flowers in the vase and deliver then to your teacher, school director, principal, or anyone else who teaches and inspires your children throughout the year!

How easy is that?!  The best part is that my girls' teachers can easily remove the markers, highlighters and pens from the vase and use them if they want to.  This gift is practical, thoughtful and adorable–that's a winning combination :)

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad

Have your kids started school again?  Are you happy, sad, or a little bit of both?  Do you give back to school gifts for teachers and administrators?  What is your favorite gift to give?

If you want to make this vase for a teacher in your life, now is the time to do it!  You can save $5 Off your purchase of $20 or more on Select Newell Rubbermaid Brands (PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball, & Mr. Sketch).  Plus, this week (Aug 24-30) there are some fabulous back to school deals going on!  Select PaperMate Flair 4pk’s are only $4, Sharpie 12CT Asst Fine & Ultra Fine Asst are only $6, and Sharpie Dozen Box Black Fine & Ultra Fine are only $6 while supplies last.

If you love this idea, I would love for you to share it on Pinterest or Facebook!  And if you enjoyed this post, you will also love my post on how to create DIY dotted sharpie mugs, which would also make a perfect back to school gift!

SO CUTE! DIY vase made from markers for back to school teacher gift! Full tutorial. #InspireStudents #TeachersChangeLives #pmedia #ad


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    I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing it.

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