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How and Why I Left My Job to Blog Full-time & How to Make Money Blogging

January 29, 2016

BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time! She shares detailed earning and page views info.
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How and Why I Left My Job to Blog Full-time & How to Make Money Blogging

Writing this post kind of feels like stripping naked in front of a HUGE audience.  I have never been someone who openly talks about my salary.  EVER.  So sharing information with you about how to make money blogging and my exact blog earnings is terrifying and extremely uncomfortable.  Just know that I am putting this information out there because I truly hope it will be inspiring to other bloggers out there.  I feel like I am living the dream (#CheesyButTrue) and I would love nothing more than for others to be able to do the same!

A brief history…

From the time I was in first grade (I'm not kidding), I always knew that I wanted to go to law school.  And so I did!  I graduated from law school in 2002 and became a litigation attorney.  For the first 3 years, I practiced commercial litigation in Florida.  For the past 9 years I practiced mostly professional malpractice defense litigation in North Carolina.  I liked the work and was good at it.  But, it was STRESSFUL, especially after having our twin girls because I had to travel a fair amount and Joe works 24-hour shifts.  Scheduling was tricky.  The work also didn't satisfy my desperate need to create pretty things, so in late October, 2013, I started this “little” blog as a creative outlet and so that my friends and family could easily follow our progress as we renovated our home one room at a time.  That's all I thought this “little” blog would ever be.  Boy was I wrong.

The lightbulb moment…

In Spring 2014, I started hearing people talk about monetizing their blogs.  Wait, what?!  You could make money from a blog????  I was seriously shocked, but I was VERY interested to learn how to make money blogging.  At that point, I had migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress (you can learn more about that here) and had some small expenses and I wanted to figure out how to make money blogging to cover those expenses.  So, I monetized my blog.  I worked on some sponsored posts and began running ads on my site.  I even started adding some affiliate links to my posts, though I honestly had no clue what I was doing with affiliate marketing until much later (it's since become a HUGE money maker for me and I've written an eBook about it–you can check out Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers here).  So initially, I made very little money, but it was enough to cover my expenses and I was happy.

The unexpected growth…

Y'all, by September 2014, my blog wasn't so little anymore!  It had grown to over 200,000 monthly page views by that time; I was doing the best I could to promote my blog posts through link parties and social media but I knew I could be doing more.  That said, as my traffic grew, my income grew a bit more, but I still didn't totally understand how to make money blogging.  It was around this time that I started thinking that MAYBE, just MAYBE, I could start earning a modest living from my blog.  The problem is, I was kind of stuck.  I was feeling overwhelmed by keeping up practicing law full-time, being a good wife and mom, and blogging!  I needed some guidance.  I needed a more experienced blogger to guide me through the process of a successful blog and show me step-by- step, exactly how to grow your traffic and generate a sustainable income.  That's when I signed up for the first ever Elite Blog Academy course, created by Ruth Soukup of the blog, Living Well Spending Less.  I was super skeptical, but since there was a 100% money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose.  Turns out it is the best decision I ever made.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase the course I will receive a percentage of the sale AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.  But I assure you, I would STRONGLY recommend this course to you no matter what–it is amazing.  Read on to learn just how it taught me how to make money blogging (so much in fact that I have been able to make blogging my full-time career)!

My Elite Blog Academy journey…

I jumped into the course right away when I purchased it in September 2014.  I immediately learned about creating awesome content, perfect pins and going back to optimize old content.  Y'all, it was A TON OF WORK.  Truly, I have never worked harder in my life, especially since I was still working full-time as a lawyer!  Blogging is HARD WORK.  Results do not come for free and Elite Blog Academy is not magic.  It will not do anything for you if you don't put the work in.  But I put in the work in and this is what happened.

Effect on Page Views

My Elite Blog Academy journey and the impact it made on my page views is more easily summed up with a graphic, so here it is.

BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time!

CRAZY, right?!  Certainly, some of the growth can be attributed organic growth that would have occurred anyway.  But MOST of my blog growth following my purchase of Elite Blog Academy can be attributed to my hard work coupled with the strategies and information I have learned through the course.  What Ruth taught me about heavily promoting evergreen content in the course has had had the biggest impact on my blog growth.  Just check out those analytics.  I NEVER dreamed I would see numbers like that!

BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time!

Effect on Earnings

That sums up what a HUGE impact Elite Blog Academy had on my page views.  But more importantly, Elite Blog Academy finally taught me exactly how to make money blogging!  So, let's let's take a look at what an impact it has had on my blog earnings. Despite fairly high page views before beginning Elite Blog Academy, I was barely earning any money after monetizing my blog in the first quarter of 2014.  After I began Elite Blog Academy, things started to change because I learned exactly what to do to improve my content, promote my content and optimize my earnings!  Again, I prepared a graphic for you to make things clear (bear in mind that the January 2016 earnings are reported as of January 27, 2016–4 days prior to the end of the month).

BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time!

I learned SO MUCH through Elite Blog Academy about how to to make money blogging and maximize my earnings several different ways.  One of the biggest impacts the course had on me was learning the importance of launching your own product (my Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers eCourse).  Y'all, I never would have even thought about launching a product if it hadn't been for this course! Seriously…I couldn't imagine that anyone would want to purchase anything from me, but I was wrong.  I launched my eBook on September 1, 2015 (almost 1 year after purchasing Elite Blog Academy) and it has earned me over $41,000.00 so far.  That's is a wonderful addition to my blogging income.  The tips Ruth gives on how to launch a project are HUGELY helpful.


For those of you who want more hard and fast numbers, here you go….my total income from my blog in 2015 was $73,794.96! Can you believe that?!  I can't.  Here is a screenshot from Quickbooks to show you exactly how that income breaks down (the “sales of product income” is referring to my eBook–I think everything else is self-explanatory).

BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time!

UPDATE: My blogging income for 2016 more than doubled, partly because I joined the Elite Blog Academy VIP program!  My total blogging income in 2016 (well, through December 27th) was a whopping $187,919.71! And believe it or not, the last few days of December brought in a lot of payments, so I actually finished the year at $195,509.27.


Ever wonder, "how much do bloggers make?" or how those bloggers that are successful grow their traffic and blog earnings? This post is SUPER detailed and will give you more insight than I've seen other bloggers share!

My Transition to Blogging Full-time

Okay, let's go way back in time for a bit.  I began my career as a private practice litigation attorney in 2002.  I started blogging on October 28, 2013 and got really serious about it in early 2014.  At that point I basically had 2 full-time jobs, plus young twin girls, plus a husband who I adore and was neglecting way too much in light of my 2 jobs (PS- no husband on the face of the planet has ever been as patient and supportive of such madness).  I was basically working from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm almost every single day, taking a couple hours after my traditional “lawyer job” to spend with my family before my girls went to bed, and then it was back to work.  Y'all, I was tired.  But here's the thing…  Once I realized how much earning potential my blog had, I realized that it turn into a new career for me.  A career that would enable me to spend more time at home with my sweet girls and set my own schedule. That kept me going.

After working full-time and blogging for 18 months, I decided to reduce my hours at my law firm.  I was nervous, but took a leap of faith and transitioned to part-time work as a lawyer, which allowed me to focus even more on my blog.  Later, I decided to take an even bigger leap and “retire” from the practice of law as of January 1, 2016.  I'm only about 1 month into my new reality as a full-time blogger and I feel so blessed.  I won't say I feel “lucky” because this journey has been such hard work, but I know I am blessed beyond measure.

What the Future Holds for Me and You

If my blog earnings continue on the path that they were on the second half of 2015, I expect that I will surpass what I was earning as a lawyer with my 2016 blog earnings (UPDATE: see above! I did surpass my lawyer income in 2016!).  I still can't quite wrap my head around it.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, with everything I learned through Elite Blog Academy I believe the sky is the limit for my career as a blogger.  And you know what?  The same could be true for you.  Stop shaking your head and thinking, “no way!”  I thought that, too!  Your journey may be shorter or longer than mine, but it can be done if you have the passion, great content and you put in the work.  I am proof of that.  You just need the tools to help all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and Elite Blog Academy includes all the tools you need, so grab it while you can.

What You Can Expect from Elite Blog Academy

Most of us know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to juggle the day-to-day demands of writing a blog with the big-picture strategy of creating a profitable business. Have you ever wished someone could guide you through the process of a successful blog and show you step-by- step, exactly how to grow your traffic and generate a sustainable income? That is exactly what Elite Blog Academy was designed to do.

Through a powerful combination of effective videos, practical and insightful handouts, purposeful assignments, and interactive live webinars, Elite Blog Academy will empower, enable, and inspire you to take the specific steps necessary to refine your message, grow your audience, monetize your platform, and transform your blog into a successful and profitable business.  It will teach you how to make money blogging, but it will teach you SO MUCH more than that.  It will teach you how to build a blog that you are proud of, that your readers love and that really and truly helps people in some way.

Over the course of 12 lessons, you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate blog confusion by creating an organized framework that sets the stage for everything you do.
  • Discover the secret to harnessing Pinterest, the most powerful free marketing tool in the world.
  • Understand what is not working in your current monetization model and instead develop concrete goals and a solid plan for achieving them.
  • Dramatically increase your site’s passive income by mastering the four key strategies of optimizing ad network revenue.
  • Take advantage of the critical—but often ignored—connection between SEO and ad revenue.
  • Overcome your fear of private advertising and instead learn to approach brands with confidence.
  • Learn what it really takes to earn a six-figure income from your blog, then develop your own product along with a successful marketing plan to sell it.
  • Create a solid working business plan to take your blogging business to the next level.

Come learn how I more than doubled my page views in less than 6 months with the help of Elite Blog Academy!

Here is what the course includes:

  • 12 Comprehensive Unit Videos
  • 12 Detailed Unit Workbooks with Video Outlines
  • 16 Powerful Handouts
  • 30 Purposeful Assignments
  • 4 Live Webinars
  • Accountability & Community within a Private Forum

Elite Blog Academy is designed to be self-paced, but should not be completed in LESS than 12 weeks. Blogging is not for the faint of heart, and this course requires a willingness to buckle down and get to work. That said, for those who are willing to do the work, it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  The money-back guarantee is the only reason I shelled out the money for the course, and knowing what I know now, I would have paid four times as much for it without blinking!

The good news is that before the doors open, Elite Blog Academy always offers awesome FREE training, eBooks and guides.  All you have to do is sign-up to join the waiting list and tons of FREE valuable blogging info will be sent to your inbox.  You'll want to get on the waiting list anyway, because enrollment only opens ONCE A YEAR.  So, it's tough to get into and you don't want to miss your chance when it opens again in February, 2017.  If you are on the waiting list, you'll get an email when enrollment opens so you don't miss your chance.

You can sign up to join the EBA waiting list HERE.

There aren’t a lot of blogging resources I can recommend wholeheartedly, but I can say without a doubt that Elite Blog Academy is the BEST investment I have ever made into my blog and my life.

Who is Elite Blog Academy for?

Believe it or not, Elite Blog Academy will provide a ton of value for new bloggers who want to establish their blogs and for intermediate bloggers looking to grow.  I also think it would also be HUGELY beneficial to professional bloggers who are already earning an income and are beyond the “intermediate” stage, but still feel like their income should be higher and/or that they need help improving their content.  In fact, I am going to go back and revisit some of the units myself this year to pick up tips I may have missed my first time through the course, since I was in a totally different head space and had very different analytics back then.

What if I still have questions?

Ask away!  Seriously.  Send me an email.  I am happy to give you more info about my experience with the course or to answer specific questions you have.  My email is tasha(at)designertrapped(dot)com.  Please be sure to put “Elite Blog Academy” in the subject line so that I can get back to you ASAP!

If you want to receive more blogging tips from me, be sure to subscribe to my blogging newsletter by clicking the image below!  In it, I share tips, tricks and blogging advice and resources that have been invaluable to me!  And of course, it's free!  And you can check out all of my other blogging related posts here.

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Now, I promise you, there is enough traffic and income for ALL BLOGGERS, so let's support each other and spread the word about this amazing course by pinning it or sharing it on Facebook?

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BLOGGERS, this is important! Learn how to make money blogging. After blogging 2 years, this blogger was able to quit her job as a private practice attorney to blog full-time!

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  1. Dina Rosado says:

    This was a wake up call for me. I still lack in the effort, which could be the pregnancy having me so drained, but I have been thinking of a blog for years. From reading to research to everything on Pinterest and now I have finally invested in it and feel stuck! But this was motivation to not give up even when I feel like I am in WAY over my head. With my third daughter on the way, working a part time job that just cuts hours and just had my school close down suddenly three months before I could graduate I’m back at square one with more on my plate than expected. So once I have an idea of how to get this blog fully going I WILL be investing in your course as well as the course you joined as well. Hopefully this will help me while spending time at home with the girls. :) Thanks for the truth moment, it is more inspirational than you may think!

    • Tasha says:

      Thanks Dina! I wish you luck on your journey. Having a blog isn’t easy, but it is rewarding and can be AWESOME for a work from home Mom. Thanks for reading!

  2. Nikki Stein says:

    What an awesome post this was! Exactly where I am… sort of! :) My husband and I have our first baby on the way in February, and I’m wanting to do this full time, scale down my job to part time and eventually work from home blogging WHEN I get it there. I don’t want to say IF, because if you and many others have done it, I have to believe I can. My blog is essentially life, and started because of our infertility journey. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information!! And I might add, Pinterest works. That’s how I found your blog just now!! Looking forward to reading more! ;)

    • Tasha says:

      Awesome! Good luck to you Nikki and congrats on your little one on the way! I know you can do it…just takes loads of hard work and dedication!

  3. Sara Caleca says:

    What a wonderful post! I am looking for bloggers like you to follow as an example. I am very close to launching my own blog, something I’ve wanted to do for years but I’m only now getting to it. I am extremely excited and I’m heavily into researching successful bloggers and how they got that way! I will for sure check out EBA since you said that it could benefit a new blogger as well. Your story is inspiring, thank you for sharing! I would love to hear any other tips you think of in the future! Have a fantastic day!!

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  5. Shelby says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. Found you on Pinterest. I have a deep desire to blog, but have no clue where to begin. Funds are tighter than my fav jeans from last year.

    • Tasha says:

      Well, I can say it is the best thing I have ever done career-wise. It has taken LOTS of hard work but it is all worth it!

    • Shannon Dicey says:

      I am definitely in that same boat! I have been researching for months how to start a blog, what my blog will be about, who will be interested or not! I get so overwhelmed that I keep looking and passing the time away. There are so many blogs out there on every subject already. I have been trying to find someone to mentor me and kind of walk me through the ins and outs. Good luck! I’m sure you will get there.

  6. DNN says:

    Blogging is a labor of love most people grow into after experiencing online success. Many people don’t entertain the thought of those rambling thoughts in the back of their mind to start a blog and publish some of those rambling idle thoughts as they would possibly empower others with useful information. It’s amazing how a small blog started from scratch blogging everyday or every other day on just about almost anything can inspire someone to bring out the best in them. Thank you for sparking food for thought,

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  8. Melissa says:

    This is such an awesome post! I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did! Thanks for this awesome review :)

  9. Alma says:

    So glad you are able to be with your twin girls! Such an inspiring story! I hope to quit my corporate job of 19 years and be with my four children one day. Great job!

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  11. Erin says:

    Good for you! I’m glad that you have the opportunity to spend more time with your children! Good luck to you :)

    • Tasha says:

      Thanks! I feel so fortunate to have found something I love that allows me so much flexibility!

  12. Tara says:

    This is inspiring and gives me hope!! I recently switched over to WordPress from blogger to get closer to chase my dream of quitting my nurse practitioner career (which I worked so hard to establish but is so stressful!) to blog full time. I haven’t made the jump to monetize yet it I hope to in the next 2 months. Thanks for the info!!

    • Tasha says:

      Big jump, sounds exciting! Good luck to you! Glad you found the info helpful.

  13. Kim says:

    Great post. I think the best part was the hardest part for you, including the numbers. Very inspiring to see someone make it to the other side …

    • Tasha says:

      Thanks Kim! It has been a labor of love but I haven’t looked back since I started.

  14. Jess says:

    This is a really great post, thanks for sharing. It’s really inspiring knowing you’ve gone and done it. Hope you’re still reaping the benefits now and doing great!

    • Tasha says:

      Thanks so much Jess! It has been an amazing change and I am still loving every minute.

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  16. Mary says:

    You are truly an inspiration and are at where I want to end up. i have not even been blogging a year, but I want to eventually be able to quit my corporate job. I know I have a ways to go, but reading this has given me to tools and encouragement to try. Also, I noticed you are in Greensbor, NC…I am in Winston! :-)

    • Tasha says:

      Awesome! I love when I can inspire other bloggers to follow their dream. Thanks for reading!

  17. Meredith says:

    Tasha! This is amazing! I was so happy to read this post. I signed up for EBA this year and after I finish this movie I am working on… I am diving in. Can’t wait to make my blog over and make more of a difference. You have done some amazing work. You deserve all the rewards!

  18. Ashley says:

    This is inspiring! I’ve been dreaming about growing my blog and monetizing enough to do it full time. It’s going to take a while to get there though. Currently growing my audience very very slowly. I’m going to move in with some roommates in the summer and cut my living expenses so I can justify investing more money into things like this course and it will pay off in the long term.

  19. Emma says:

    Hi Tasha!
    I’m an energetic almost eighty year old who owned and operated a dancing studio for thirty years before retiring. Prior to opening my studio I was a high school English teacher. My daughter, coincidentally, practiced law in Florida for 20 years before having to retire due to a medical disability a few years ago. She has since moved her family in with me. Now that my granddaughters are about grown, I have a dream of starting a blog. What do you think about someone my age giving it a try for a creative outlet and a potential spending money opportunity? I’d love to get your honest opinion about this. I obviously have teaching skills as well as skills in fine sewing for children, flower arranging, and interior design. I look forward to hearing what you think as well as an estimate of hours worked per week in the beginning and after your blog became established. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Emma

    • Tasha says:

      Hi Emma! I think anyone can be a blogger with hard work and great ideas. In the beginning when I was blogging for fun, I put into it whatever time I could spare. As the blog grew and it became more of a career I have spent countless hours and often say I could work 24 hours a day and not be done! You can never predict the success of a blog, but it is certainly worth a try. Good luck!

    • Shelly says:

      It has been an observation of mine for some time that the older the generation, the less represented they are on anything internet related. I am about 50 and although I enjoy the modern views and styles of younger people, they seriously lack wisdom and experience. Of course they don’t think so, because they don’t know that the older you get , the more you know that you don’t know. I would welcome any views, crafts and info from older people who remember the past, but also live in the present world of technology.

  20. Amanda Nel says:

    Tasha, I have never revealed this on my blog, but at 51 years I am about to be admitted as an attorney. i have worked in the legal field all my life. But, I started my blog last year during my admission exams – crazy!!! And, I don’t want to do anything else but blogging (talk about cheezy!) I am busy with Elite Blog Academy and I am praying to have success beyond measure! ( working on it). I am going to buy your book because I need to earn some money now!

  21. Erin Ludwig says:

    Hi Tasha! I love this post. I’m a brand new EBA student and so very grateful to have learned about it in the very beginning of my blogging journey. I’m also a proud Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Advanced member – and LOVING it! Somehow, I only now came across this post…isn’t that terrible? Thank you for sharing your journey! I’ll be referring to it often when I need a little extra juice to pull me through the rough patches. My site is very much a work in progress…

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  23. Donnyna says:

    How do you make money from blogging, I have one I just don’t know where the money comes from or what to do to get it…

  24. Kate says:

    I am beyond inspired! Reading this post literally gave me goosebumps! I’m so happy to see you living your dream and I’m so inspired to keep blogging, it really isn’t for the faint of heart and is a ton of work but hearing success stories like your keeps me going and keeps that dream alive for me! I’m on the wait list for EBA hoping I can learn everything I need to know to be a successful blogger. Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring all of us!

  25. This is such great information! Thank you for sharing! We recently started our blog and its so hard to wrap our minds around these numbers at this point but good to know that everyone starts at the same place!

  26. Heather says:

    Tasha, I came here as a result of your excellent Periscope presentation regarding Affiliate Marketing. I’ve developed a real respect for your straightforward (obviously authentic) and down-to-earth way of sharing information. Thank you for your generosity. I’m committed to growing my business, and I’ve signed up for the EBA waiting list, using your link!

  27. Wow thank you for your inspiring story! I am a newbie blogger and these are great lessons I hope to put into practice now!

  28. ananda says:

    Tasha I am so so happy for you!!!! thank you for sharing your inspiring journey!! my goal is to follow your footsteps and quit my job this year :) wish you a great new chapter!!!

  29. Rachel says:

    I really want to start a blog (I am a graphic design student and am working on my portfolio website at the moment). I’ve always wanted to work for myself and be there for my kids. I don’t know what’s holding me back other than being a bit overwhelmed by all of it and not really knowing where to start! But I am looking forward to checking out the course and making a start soon!! I will definitely be back to read more of your blog.

    • Tasha says:

      I’m glad Rachel that you found my blog as an inspiration. Looking forward to check your blog when it’s launched. Good luck! :)

  30. Evie says:

    Thank you for your openness, Tasha. It really is inspiring to read about your journey and your transition to full time blogger! I bought into the course last year but just didn’t dedicate myself to it. Now after raiding this, I’m determined to buckle down and do it!

    • Tasha says:

      I’m happy Evie you found my blog as an inspiration. You can do it! I wanna see your blog in the future. :)

  31. Calla says:

    This is awesome. Good luck in all that you do. I am very envious. I hope my “200” or something blog post views per day can end up like yours, and make me some money!

    On a side note, I purchased your eBook about a month ago, and can’t seem to find the downloaded file. Is there anyway I can view/download it agin?

  32. Wow what an accomplishment! So proud of you for taking your blog full time to spend more time with family. I signed up for EBA during the last enrollment time period and right now I’m in the chapter of creating 30-50 quality posts. I’m seeing some growth already but your story makes me even more motivated!

    • Tasha A. says:

      Thanks so much Amanda! I am so happy to hear you are working your way though EBA. It really is worth all the hard work! Keep plugging away :)

  33. Friend! How thrilling to have followed you on this journey! Thank you for your openness on where you are at, it is an inspiration for us all. I bought the EBA course last year and have just finished unit 7. I moved across the country and took about a 4 month break from it… but I started it back up and can’t wait to finish. One of my 2016 goals is an ebook and can’t wait to get a start on it. Keep up the awesome work, Tasha!

    • Tasha A. says:

      Thanks so much, Amy! You are so sweet. I can TOTALLY understand taking a break because of your move. I actually plan to go back and revisit some of the units again because I’m sure there’s some stuff I missed the first time! Can’t wait to hear more about your eBook. I am sure it will be fabulous no matter what it is!!!!

  34. Liz says:

    Thanks so much Tasha for sharing this. Darn, I missed the sign up for the academy this spring… and I even got the notice but for whatever reason decided not to do it. Now I’m regretting that decision. I have purchased one of Ruth’s ebooks and it is so helpful as I’m trying to grow my blog… and would like to get ready to actually launch an ebook of my own. Sounds like the course offers great insight for that. But maybe by this fall my blog will have grown sufficiently enough through the practices I’m applying from her book and I’ll be more ready for the course and ebook launch then too.
    And I totally know what you mean about sharing and feeling naked… I wrote a post this week that shared more about myself than ever and there for sure is something decloaking about it!

  35. Tasha, you are so inspiring and I now know that I can make my blog a successful career too. I’m still a young blogger and working hard to get it going like I should have a year ago. Finding you and other bloggers on Periscope and joining a FB group of blogger helps me not feel alone and the tips you all so generously share is invaluable.

    After purchasing your eBook and watching your Periscopes I want to make all the right steps from the beginning. I’m not currently working so I’ll have to wait for the Fall course to sign up and hope to have some affiliate $ by then. I’ll look for your affiliate link in the Fall to give you that affiliate love :-)

  36. Roxanne says:

    Tasha, thanks for sharing the numbers we don’t usually get to see! I can so relate with working all day and then blogging half the night, that is where I am currently at. Blogging is hard work! Congratulations on your success and for showing the rest of us it can be done!

  37. Vicki O'Dell says:

    I’m so glad you posted this Tasha. I’ve been blogging for 8 years now but I have felt for the past couple of years that I’m just spinning my wheels. My design work and writing work pay the bills but it would be nice if my blog would earn more than a few bucks a month.
    I added my email address to get the free ebook and get on the notice list for the class but there is a special offer I can’t get in on because the page keeps bogging down. When I click on the buttons it goes no where. Not sure what’s up with that.
    Good luck with your new routines. I’ve been working from home for 4 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

    • Tasha A. says:

      Thanks so much Vicki! I hope you can take Elite Blog Academy when registration opens on the 22nd. It’s a game changer for sure! Best of luck!

  38. Tasha-

    Thanks for being so real and transparent! Way to go! You are an inspiration. I did purchase Elite Blog Academy and after reading this, I need to dive back into it. I have purchased a few books and courses lately (including yours) so I am hoping 2016 is the year for my blog. I am so excited for you and you have inspired me to keep trudging on….. there is light at the end of this “hard working” tunnel! :-) Thank you!

  39. Amazing post, ,Tasha and congratulations!! My goal is to join you as a full time blogger and to bring my husband along. :). Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!

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