Tiny Life Hacks that Make a HUGE Impact

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Make your life easier! We have some tiny life hacks that will up your efficiency and give you more time in your day for what you REALLY want to do.

People ask me all the time how I get so much done in a day. I don't work any more than anyone else, but I have some systems that I have developed that make my life run smoothly and save me lots of time! So today I am sharing my favorite simple life hacks that seem small, but really do make life easier!

If there is ONE thing I am VERY good at it is efficiency. It really is a passion of mine :). I consider life hacks to be the ultimate efficient shortcuts. The sign of a really good life hack is that when you start doing it, you really don't know how or why you ever did it any other way!

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All the Details

  • Before we dive into life hacks…everyone go add Ted Lasso to your watchlist. Twenty thumbs up, believe the hype. We both love it like we loved Schitts Creek WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING. It restored our faith in TV after how sad we were when Schitts Creek ended. Please go watch (it's on Apple TV and totally worth it).
Ted Lasso
  • Thea proclaims me the queen of life hacks. I am slightly embarrassed about how far I take it. It knows no limits at times. My brain never thinks about tasks in a singular way–I am always thinking about how to get them all done in the order that makes the most sense. I sometimes have trouble actually relaxing.
  • Probably somewhere between the two of us is the perfect human. Thea doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about efficiency. However…she is really good at a fast shower. Hair, face, rinse. Conditioner, body, rinse it all. And every once in awhile she cleans her shower at the same time.
  • Thea's other shower hack–the intuition razor! All in one and it's amazing.
intuition razor
  • I love my motion sensor lights. You just walk in and they magically come on. You just set it for how long you want it to stay on.
  • Move the socks downstairs y'all. This one LITERALLY changed our lives. I was so tired of my kids forgetting to bring their socks down in the mornings and it was adding so much time to getting out the door. It is so simple but so great. Also, have toothbrushes in the bathroom downstairs.
  • Laundry hack–let your kids do their own laundry. Thea's daughter was not happy with the laundry schedule and she started doing her own which is amazing. My kids also do their own and it has made our lives so much easier.
  • Thea's best life hack is don't sweat the small stuff and choosing her battles. I cannot do that for most things.
  • Our girls started doing their own laundry at about age 8 but have been doing small laundry jobs since they were probably 3.
  • We have started alternating chore weeks. We have tried it all but this is finally what is working. Green week has certain chores involving the dog but less chores in the kitchen and yellow week has way more responsibility in the kitchen (after dinner etc). This eliminates negotiating and arguing about who has done more. If you have kids you know how focused they are on fairness. You can see a screenshot of our chore list below (Joe made it in Google sheets).
  • BIG HACK–let your kids do things for themselves. Stop making yourself a slave to your children. They need to learn how to do things and it takes things off your plate! If it is something you love, keep doing it! If you don't love it, delegate it.
  • My kids also make their lunches. Thea likes this one–she is still making lunches most of the time.
  • I. Love. Alexa. We use her for adding things to our shopping list (the list shows up in the Alexa app)–I don't have the opportunity to forget because I add it right when I realize it is out. Timers–baking, cooking, homework time, etc. You can also use them together to drop in on people around the house if you have Dots around your house. It is basically an intercom system that keeps me from having to yell, which I appreciate. We also have started adding smart plugs and use Alexa to turn certain lights on and off. A listener uses Alexa for their daily schedule–you set it up once and it tells everyone what to do when. Make your devices work FOR you!
  • Cup hack from Anna at Lightshine Candles–keep a cup bin on the counter and everyone gets one cup per day. Cuts down on how many cups you have to watch.
  • If something doesn't bother you, don't mess with it.
  • Bonus listener hacks: Do more frequent and smaller loads of laundry and keep everyone's stuff separate. Keep your keys by the door (this made us both laugh.) If you have a washer with a timer, set it to finish as you are waking up.
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One Comment

  1. Great tips! My kids have been helping with laundry since about 2-3. We do laundry once a week. When they were young, they helped by sorting laundry (we make a big mess in the hallway outside the laundry room). We would make a rainbow (all the red clothes in one pile, then orange, yellow, etc.) My first child is now 8, and after all the loads are washed, I put all her clothes in one basket and leave it in her room. If she wants tv/internet, she has to fold/hang and her clothes away. She has also made up her bed everyday since kindergarden. My 4 year old folds towels and wash cloths. Both my kids help unload the dishwasher. Their rooms are relatively clean.
    That said, the playroom is a disaster. There are days (especially since quarantine) that I can’t even open the door. I let this room be a mess, and maintain the rest of the home. One must pick their battles.