DIY Message Headboard

Materials needed for this DIY headboard:

- Sheet of 1/2 inch plywood - Scrap wood and/or store-bought cleats - Penny tile - Musselbound Tile Adhesive Mat - Grout - PVC trim - Wood glue - DAP Rapid Fuse (or similar glue) - Wood filler - Sandpaper - Paint - Screws, nails and various tools

Here's how you make this DIY headboard...


Cut your basic headboard shape out of your plywood using a jig saw. We chose an arched top for the queen-size headboard we made.

Sand the edges.


Apply Musselbound Tile Adhesive Mat to the entire surface . Trim off the excess.


Apply your tile. We used penny tile.



Trim tiles with tile snippers wherever needed along the edge of the headboard.


Once all of your tile is laid, grout!

After the grout dries, flip the headboard over to attach cleats (for hanging) and nailer strips (to attach trim to) using DAP Original Wood Glue and a brad nailer.


Apply DAP Rapid Fuse  to the PVC trim that has been cut to length. Press it into position and secure with a brad nailer along the nailer strips and blocks.


Grout along the newly attached trim to fill the gap.


Fill any nail holes left in the trim. Then sand and paint!


Install your cleats and hang it up!


Time to add a custom message to your DIY headboard! Cut circles out of vinyl to the same size as your penny tile. I cut out .7 inch circles using my cutting machine.


Add a custom message to your DIY headboard by sticking the vinyl circles on in the shape of letters.


A gorgeous DIY headboard that can be customized for any season, holiday or special occasion!

Voilá !