Knock Out Knock Offs: West Elm Inspired Lacquer Trays

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Knock Out Knock Offs: A four month knock off series! #knockoffdecor

Hello! I hope all of you moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day! I took a break from my clean eating challenge to enjoy some yummy, but not good for me, food and relaxed with Joe and the girls. We went to our neighborhood lake to feed the geese, made brownies and watched a movie. Good stuff. But that's not what you are here to read about is it? NO! Let's get to the good stuff.

For the next four months, I am participating in the Knock Out Knock Off series with a phenomenal group of talented bloggers. Each month, we will be bringing you knock off projects from some of you favorite retailers: West Elm, Zara Home, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. This month, we are knocking off decor from West Elm and you will be AMAZED by the projects! Check them out!

Knock Out Knock Offs: A four month knock off series! #knockoffdecor

For full details of all the projects, click on their corresponding letter to head over to their blogs!
B. Delineate Your Dwelling
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E. Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Now, I will tell you that I had intended to make a fabulous industrial table as my West Elm knock off project, but due to some VERY unforeseen circumstances in our kitchen {details coming later this week}, the timing just didn't work out. So, I tackled a much more simple, but very stylish, project. I created my own version of West Elm's lacquer trays for a fraction of the cost.

Here is a photo of the West Elm inspiration trays that retail for $39 each:

Source: West Elm
Source: West Elm

And here is my version, which I made for a fraction of the cost! Read on for details.

MUST PIN! West Elm knock off Lacquer Trays for a fraction of the cost! #westelmknockoff

Materials needed:

  • Trays {I used two Klack trays from Ikea that have had for about 12 years. They cost only $7.99 new}
  • Spray paint in a color of your choosing
  • High gloss top coat {if your base coat is something other than high gloss}

MUST PIN! West Elm knock off Lacquer Trays for a fraction of the cost! #westelmknockoff


1) Spray paint your trays. I am sure you know how to do that :)

MUST PIN! West Elm knock off Lacquer Trays for a fraction of the cost! #westelmknockoff

2) If needed, use a high gloss top coat to give your trays a shiny finish. The orange color I already had on hand was a flat finish {which I think is the only finish this particular color comes in}, so I had to use the top coat as well.

That's it. I am not even sure I could call that a tutorial! This project took me about 10 minutes total and I love, love, love the pop of color the trays add to our kitchen. We use these trays frequently to carry dinner outside, so it's nice that they are now stylish :)  Technically, this project cost me only about $2.00 per tray since I already had the trays and the orange spray paint, but even if you purchased them brand new, you could still come in under $10 per tray! Much better than the $39 West Elm is charging.

MUST PIN! West Elm knock off Lacquer Trays for a fraction of the cost! #westelmknockoff

I can't wait to see you back next month when I will show you how I made this beautiful insect vase from Zara Home that retails for $59! Now, head over to my friends' blogs to check out their amazing projects!

Zara Home Insect Vase
Source: Zara Home



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  1. Hi Tasha! I love your tray! Perfect color choice. That owl is so darn cute, too! Where did you find that baby? Have a great day…pinning!!

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! I love that owl, too. I grabbed it up at Urban Outfitters a few years ago! Thanks for the pin and for stopping by :)

  2. Great color choice. I love having a pretty tray to take drinks out to the patio. Makes me feel all Martha Stewart or something. lol
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze
    p.s. We do love hearing about you taking time out with the family.

    1. Awww, thanks so much, Glenna! Yes, there is something about using a tray that makes me feel like a domestic goddess! Hope your week is fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! You may even be able to find trays that are more similar in shape, but since I had these on hand, I went for it. I am LOVING orange right now.