How to Install Removable Wallpaper

Installing removable wallpaper is easier than I ever imagined. This simple tutorial will teach you everything you need to know so that you can install your favorite peel and stick wallpaper in no time.

Supplies needed:

– Removable wallpaper of your choice  – Sharp utility or craft knife – A squeegee  – Measuring tape – Level


Prepare your wall. The wall you are applying your peel and stick wallpaper to should be smooth, clean and dry. So if you need to patch anything, plan to do it the day before you want to wallpaper.

Prepare your removable wallpaper. You will need to follow the specific instructions that come with your paper since it will vary by company.


Now you are ready to start hanging! You want to start at the left upper corner of your wall. For me, this meant starting the first strip at the top left corner of our linen closet. 


Continue to support the roll of paper and unpeel the backing 5 to 10 inches at a time as you work your way down the wall. Continue using your squeegee to smooth the wallpaper as you go.


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