How to Fill Nail Holes: Tips and Tricks

After years of DIYing, we are sharing our best screw and nail hole filler tips and tricks! If we had learned these sooner, we would have had much better results, so learn from our mistakes!

Tip #1

We like to tape off the area of the pre-stained wood that we need to drive nails or screws through. Then, we drive the nails or screws into place.

We like to mix the wood filler with the stain that we used on the wood to get a really nice color match.

Tip # 2

We apply the wood filler with our fingers or a putty knife. The painter's tape protects the wood that has already been stained so that it doesn't risk getting discolored or dulled by the wood putty and the filled area is a perfect match!

Tip # 3

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