Easy DIY Kick Plate

Your kick plate doesn't have to be boring. This easy, DIY kick plate for your door is functional, beautiful and incredibly affordable!

Supplies needed:

Decorative aluminum sheet that is at least as wide as your door – DAP Gel Contact Cement Tin snips – Foam paint brush Rigid brayer


Mark and cut your aluminum sheet to size. Since our door is 36″ wide, we were able to preserve the banding around the top and side edges. BE SURE TO DRY FIT IT before gluing it on.

Use a foam paint brush to apply your DAP Gel Contact Cement to the back of your aluminum sheet AND to the corresponding area on your door. 



Use a rigid brayer to apply force to the entire surface of your kick plate. I had Joe stand behind the door to hold it in place so I could really press hard.

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