How to Make Any Wallpaper Removable & Renter-Friendly

Love the look of wallpaper but live in a rental? Or maybe you just have a fear of having to remove wallpaper down the road? This is the solution for you! Learn how to make ANY traditional wallpaper removable.

Supplies needed:

– Wallpaper–it MUST be unpasted!!!!!  Liquid starch – Paint tray or bucket – 6-inch paint roller – Straight edge or laser level  – Utility knife blades – Damp rag or sponge – Painter's tape


Clean your wall(s) with a damp rag and let it dry completely. Your wall has to be clean for this to work!

Next, cut your wallpaper into strips that are at least 4 inches longer than the height of your wall. Why have excess? You need to leave yourself enough room to trim off the excess at the top and bottom after the wallpaper is attached.


Use a laser level  or a level and pencil to mark your vertical plumb line. Do NOT assume your ceiling and/or trim are perfectly straight and level and rely on it when lining up your wallpaper.


Pour your liquid starch into your paint tray or bucket and saturate your paint roller with it. Then apply it liberally to your wall in sections. You do not need to apply it to the wallpaper, just the wall. 


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