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How to Add a Closet to Any Room

Short on storage space? You can add a closet to ANY room. It's EASY & AFFORDABLE!

We needed to add a ton of storage to our laundry room. So we took this big blank wall...

and turned it into TONS of functional storage!

We got everything we needed from IKEA! Our total including delivery was $620!

First we marked the studs on our wall.

Then we installed the top mounting rail and vertical supports.

We then attached all the shelves and drawers. SO EASY.

Last, but not least, we installed an inexpensive ceiling curtain track and curtains from IKEA to hide the closet when it's not being used!



Now let me show you how we use our new closet!

We keep our vacuum & floor cleaners below the drying rack.

We store all of our extra paint on the shelves.

We store our extra cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

We store extra towels.

We use the drawers for things like dog supplies...

and all of our paint rollers & brushes.

It has been the best $620 investment EVER!

For all the details on all the other updates we made in our laundry room, click below!

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