7 Tips for  Organizing Your Linen Closet


A linen closet is a small but important space in a house!  If yours is a mess, the good news is that you can organize your linen closet and give it a makeover in just a day or two!

This is what our linen closet looked like before we organized it. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't functioning very well for us.

And this is how it turned out! Now, let's take a look at my 7 best tips for organizing your linen closet.

Empty your entire linen closet. Purge anything you no longer want/need or that has expired. 



Give it a facelift. Closets can start looking dingy over time. Giving the walls and shelves a fresh coat of paint and adding wallpaper is a fun way to give your linen closet new life.

Maximize the storage on the back of the door. We upgraded the plastic shoe storage for a sturdy metal door organizer.


Use clear containers to store similar items. We use them to store things like batteries.


Use large canvas bins for your towels and linens. No more messy stacks of mis-matched towels!


Use small organizing bins for small items. You need your storage bins/drawers to be similar in size to what you are storing.


Have a designated spot for everything. For example, we created a designated spot on the back of the door for all of our sunscreen.


The end result is a pretty and functional linen closet that is easy to keep organized & tidy!

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