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How to Paint Kitchen Countertops to Look Like Marble

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive remodeling projects you can undertake. 

Marble countertops cost an average of $3,500.

But you can PAINT your countertops to look like marble . And the results are DURABLE!

You can paint all kinds of countertop surfaces including granite, quartz, and laminate.

This is what our granite countertops looked like before I painted them.

And this is how they look now! Let me show you how I did it :) 

Buy the kit. The quality of your kit will impact how durable your results are!



Prep your countertops. If you have granite countertops, wipe them down with Lacquer Thinner followed by rubbing alcohol. For other surfaces, follow the directions in the kit.

Paint your countertops with the white base color. Our dark granite countertops required 3 coats. Each coat dries quickly!


Paint the marble veins. this is SO MUCH easier than it sounds. Even my kids helped!


It's actually REALLY FUN!

Cover your cabinets, sink and cooktop with plastic. This will protect them when you apply the epoxy top coat.


Apply the epoxy top coat. The epoxy top coat that is included with the kit is what makes these countertops SO DURABLE!


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They are beautiful and durable!

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