Our Dining Room Makeover Update

February 21, 2019

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We've been busy working on our dining room makeover. I'm sharing the full update in this post. 

Hello friends! It has been a crazy week around here. Since I shared our dining room makeover plans with you last week, we have managed to get a lot done this weekend. It happened to be my birthday weekend, so some of my friends thought it was weird that we were busy painting and hanging a light fixture, but that's exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday. And don't worry–I did get to enjoy some cake and sushi (my favorite).

Here's a quick review of our dining room mood board and sources.  Note: This Choose Your Own Adventure Refresh is  sponsored by Hudson Valley and Minted. I am so grateful for their support.

Dining room makeover mood board


Click on any of the images below for full product details.

And here's a peek at the status of our “to-do” list:


Here's a list of everything we need to do in the space:

  • Paint the walls a dark, moody teal color
  • Paint the ceiling (it needs to be refreshed)* (sort of–see explanation below)
  • Hang the new artwork from  Minted  (OBSESSED with this piece–I've wanted it for years) and the wood carved piece
  • Hang the new chandelier from  Hudson Valley Lighting
  • Install the wall sconces
  • Sand down our existing table to lighten the finish
  • Install a new double curtain rod
  • Hang the new curtains
  • Assemble and install the bookshelves

Here's the footnote on the ceiling painting debacle. Part of our dining room has a vaulted ceiling. The other part is standard 8-foot ceilings. We needed to repaint the standard ceiling portion because it was looking dingy AND because we splashed red wine on it a while back (another story for another time). I HATE painting ceilings. And I was super excited by the thought that the vaulted ceiling did  not need to be repainted. So I started painting the ceiling and this is what I saw…

Do you see that color difference? Clearly our old ceiling color was  not white. Ugh. I finished painting the standard height ceiling (my face and hair were splattered with white ceiling paint–very sexy). And now it's very clear that the vaulted portion is going to have to be repainted. But we are going to hire it out. We just don't have the equipment to reach the top of the skylight wells. We will have it painted at the same time all of the painting for our kitchen renovation happens. But for now, we have 2 different colored ceilings. Sigh…

Now for the fun photos! We painted the walls a color I'm in love with– Midnight in the Tropics by Behr Paint . It's a dark peacock blue (it looks navy in some light, but in other light it looks teal). It's PERFECT.

Midnight in the Tropics by Behr Paint

painting dining room Midnight in the Tropics by Behr

And we hung our gorgeous new chandelier from  Hudson Valley Lighting ! Yes, I hung it while I was wearing my PJs. Totally normal, right? (We hadn't double-coated the walls in any of these photos, BTW).

Hudson Valley Astoria Chandelier

Y'all, this new chandelier is EVERYTHING. To say I'm in love with it is such an understatement. Not only is it gorgeous, but we finally have proper lumens in this room! We moved from a 2 bulb pendant light to this 20 bulb chandelier. Life-changing. And the way it pops off the wall color gives me all the feels.

Hudson Valley Astoria Chandelier

This weekend we plan to assemble and install the gorgeous bookshelves that are currently sitting in boxes in my garage. Once we do that, we can hang the new art from and really start pulling the room together. Just check out this beauty from Minted  that is ready to take up some real estate in our dining room. It's magnificent and yes, it's HUGE! (PS- You can see the light fixture as well as me and Attley snuggling in the reflection, lol).

Geometric Art Print

So that's the update. We've definitely made some progress! The big reveal is coming your way next Thursday :)

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