Beauty and Health

Beauty and health are important to every woman, and this designer trapped in a lawyer’s body is no exception! Especially because I am raising twin girls, who are already beautiful and whose health I treasure every day! So what tips and techniques do I use to keep myself and my girls’ healthy and beautiful?

I use essential oils all the time, to keep myself and my family feeling strong, calm and centered. Essential oils have so many great uses, the possibilities are endless! One of my favorite uses for essential oils is a non-toxic bug spray. Mosquitos love my girls and my husband, and no one likes bug bites! But I don’t use products with DEET – instead I make my own bug spray with eucalyptus, citronella and lemongrass essential oils. It works great!

Another trick I use is to make my own hair detangler to use on the girls’ hair. This is another easy miracle – just water, conditioner and essential oils into a spray bottle and you’ve got homemade hair detangler that works like a charm!