Epic Craft Room Storage Ideas

These amazing craft rooms are full of smart and creative craft room storage ideas to help you create the perfect craft room! 

I am still in the honeymoon stage of love with our new office and craft space makeover. I was so excited to share it with you and was so happy you all loved it as much as I do! If you missed the big reveal of my home office and craft room from our old home go check it out!

While I was in the planning and information stage of redesigning my craft room, I turned to Pinterest for storage ideas and inspiration from my fellow crafters and bloggers. And of course, they did not disappoint! I found so many with great details and ideas, that I HAD to share them with y'all. Below you will find fun ideas for decor, genius storage & organization ideas, and well-thought-out details to make the spaces beautiful and useful. You are sure to find tons of inspiration and don't be surprised if you start daydreaming about your own amazing craft room!

The Best Storage Ideas for Craft Rooms

COLORFUL AND AIRY OFFICE AND CRAFT SPACE by Kaleidoscope Living- If you are looking for efficient and affordable craft storage ideas, look no further. We used an entire wall of the inexpensive IKEA Algot (now IKEA Boaxel) system for all of my craft storage in our old home. And this now takes up an entire wall in my new home office in our new home. IKEA craft room ideas are endless when you look at their inexpensive storage solutions.

IKEA craft room storage

BOLD AND BRIGHT CRAFT AREA AND OFFICE by A Beautiful Mess- I love that this space is pretty and has a big open space because I don't know about you, but I often find that I need to spread out my projects on the floor to work on them.

bright and bold craft room

KIDS ART STUDIO by Justine Sterling Design- This space is full of small craft room ideas. But utilizing the corner and vertical storage (see those hanging buckets holding supplies?) they've managed to create a functional craft room in a small space.

kids craft space

MODERN FARMHOUSE CRAFT ROOM by Fixer Upper- Using upper cabinets and shallow lower cabinets brings tons of pretty and functional storage into this fairly small craft room. I love that the worktable also has legs that double built-in storage shelves.

fixer upper craft room

 BRIGHT AND VERSATILE SPACE by Something Turquoise- This wrapping station is the stuff of a crafter's dreams! It would be perfect as a fabric-cutting station as well. The cutting mat on top of the bank of drawers is so smart and practical.

smart craft organization

BLACK AND WHITE UPGRADES by Mandy Pellegrin- I love the use of pegboard in this small craft space. Pegboard is a fantastic way to add vertical storage. And using vertical storage is KEY when trying to fit a craft room in small space.

pegboard craft room storage ideas

SHARED SPACE by Fixer Upper- Need craft room ideas that will work for adults and kids? This shared craft room has a sophisticated built-in desk and cabinets for the adults and an adorable craft table for kids to use. Absolutely a brilliant idea if you have a room large enough!

shared craft space by Fixer Upper

WHITES AND BRIGHTS by CRAFT-O-MANIAC- If you need to create a crafting/work table on a budget, here's a great idea! Simply cover a large plastic table with beautiful fabric! Add your most-used crafting supplies to a pegboard and voila…You have a functional craft room!

craft room with color pops

BEAUTIFUL AND ORGANIZED CRAFT ROOM by A Girl & A Glue Gun- Yet another great use of pegboard and vertical storage in a small craft room!

organized pegboard crafts

HAPPY CRAFT ROOM by Hey Lets Make Stuff- The craft room storage ideas in this craft room are SMART. There's the rolling cart, pegboard, shelves and bins, all of which make gathering and using supplies for a project convenient and easy! These smart storage solutions also make it easy to put everything back when you are done!

space full of craft room storage ideas

WHITE WITH BRIGHT POPS by Something Turquoise- Yes, another smart use of pegboard for gluing and cutting tools and supplies AND for sewing thread! And a bank of drawers is always a smart idea for storing all kinds of craft supplies (including things like vinyl if you have a cutting machine).

white craft room with bright pops

SMART STORAGE AND MORE by Repeat Crafter Me- If you are into knitting, crochet or any other yarn art, take note of this genius yarn storage idea!

yarn storage in craft room

COLORFUL AND SOPHISTICATED CRAFT AND SEWING ROOM by Sweet Red Poppy- The smart use of pegboard in this craft room isn't want caught my attention. It's the clever vinyl storage! What a great way to use vertical space and not take up drawers or cabinets with your cutting machine vinyl!

colorful and sophisticated craft room

PAPER LOVER'S ROOM  by Micaela Ferrero- If you are a paper crafter, is there anything more dreamy than this ultimate craft room with tons of paper storage and cabinets?! I GASPED out loud when I saw this space! I mean, aside form all the craft room storage ideas in this one room, look at all that gorgeous natural light for crafting!!!!

amazing paper storage in craft room

PROFESSIONAL STUDIO'S DIY AREA by Oh Happy Day- When you have tons of ribbon, makers, paint and other crafting supplies you need to store, why not fill an entire wall with pegboard?! Then add a huge work table to the space and you have a functional and beautiful craft room!

professional studio craft area

ECLECTIC AND BOLD OFFICE AND CRAFT AREA by At Charlotte's House- My friend Charlotte turned a small bedroom into a functional crafting space. She uses that closet behind her chair for storing tons of crafting supplies (and they don't have to stay tidy and organized because they are hidden behind doors)!

eclectic and bold craft room and office

CUSTOM WORKROOM by Craving Some Creativity- This custom craft room was created by cleverly using kitchen cabinets and pre-fabricated countertops. It creates a HUGE work space with lots of craft storage. So smart.

WELL ORGANIZED CRAFT AND SEWING ROOM by Honeybear Lane- I love that this pegboard is elevated with a gold frame! And the use of inexpensive wire drawers to support the worktop is genius! I love that you can easily see what's in the drawers with just a glance.

craft room with ikea organization

So many awesome ideas! Organizing craft supplies can be so tricky. But you can make it beautiful and functional! I am sure you are all crazy inspired to create your own beautiful craft room now. 

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  1. Thanks for this little bit of common sense inspiration! Very usable ideas here. I have a large craft space that seems to be more of a craft storge nightmare then a happy inspiring place. Even when I clean organize, (like items together) (clear the clutter) etc I have a room of boxed up stuff …ugh. I am learning , I am a piler, NOT a filer. I like my stuff where i can see it . I move from one project to another to anther and another with in a day…ussually not finishing anything because I am searching for something needed to finish that idea, AND i know its here somewhere. QUESTION : storing stamping items, thinking a suite of colored cardstock, mathcing DSP, dies, stamps, embossing folder, matching embelishments. HOW would be the best way?