Easy, high impact painting project {black doors and white trim, oh my!}

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Today I am going to talk to you about what a difference painting trim and doors can make in your space.  Specifically, I am going to show you how AMAZING black doors and white trim can look!

Most of our main level was full of trim and doors that were painted the most unfortunate color.  I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it looks a lot like the color of a manilla folder…or puke.  We have slowly but surely been eliminating it from our downstairs rooms and IT HAS MADE SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE!  Even if we changed nothing else in our downstairs rooms, painting the trim and doors white would have transformed the spaces somewhat all on its own.

Most recently, we have been working on our kitchen makeover.  Yep, the kitchen was full of the puke colored trim and doors {okay, okay, I suppose I should refer to it as “beige,” though that doesn’t accurately capture the unfortunate color}.  Here’s a reminder for you of what we started with.

Kitchen before

We decided to paint all of the trim white.  Take a look for yourself at the difference in the original trim color and the white that we chose {which is not even a BRIGHT white, it has a fair amount of grey in it}.  WOW.  Painting the trim white made such an impact in the room.

Painted trim can make a HUGE impact!  Full details by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {www.designertrapped.com}

But, the MOST EXCITING transformation is that we decided to paint the interior doors black.  So we now have black doors and white trim.  Ahhhhh, so pretty!  This is a trend that a lot of you may have seen on other blogs and all over Pinterest.  I myself have drooled over the photos in Pinterest.  Well, we finally took the plunge and I love it!  It’s like my kitchen is wearing a tuxedo :)  It just makes the room look classy and high end.  Amazing what a little paint can do!  We also changed out the door hardware from antique bronze to an oil rubbed bronze.

Black doors with white trim can make a HUGE impact!  Full details by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {www.designertrapped.com}

Painted trim and doors can make a HUGE impact!  Full details by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {www.designertrapped.com}

And here’s a side-by-side so that you can get the full effect of the difference the black doors and white trim made.  Quite a transformation from the puke colored trim and doors, don’t you think?

Painted trim and doors can make a HUGE impact!  Full details by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {www.designertrapped.com}

You may be asking yourself why I am showing you only one tiny piece of the kitchen.  Why am I showing you only the trim around the pantry and the pantry doors?  Well, you didn’t think I would give you too many previews of the kitchen before we finish it, did you?!  You have already seen our upcycled DIY herringbone plank wall and a sneak peek of our painted kitchen floors, right?  What more do you expect?  Be patient.  The kitchen reveal is coming soon!!!!  Stay tuned.  UPDATE: The kitchen reveal is finally up on the blog.  Click HERE for all the details!  

For now, I just hope I have shown you how very simple, inexpensive changes such as the color of your trim and interior doors can make a HUGE impact in a space.  Anyone can paint their trim and doors!

Have you totally transformed a space by simply painted your trim and/or doors?  I would love to hear about your experience.

Black doors and white trim can make a HUGE impact!  Full details by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {www.designertrapped.com}



  1. Ashley says

    I LOVE this! I have black trim in my kitchen/dining room and living room and love it! My laundry room doors are still not painted and are a horrible brown oak color, GAG! But I’m really thinking I’m going to do this. I’m in total love with your wall color too, what is it?

  2. says

    Hi Tasha,

    First time here and so glad I found you! We had the same [unfortunate] color in our previous house. We referred to it as our skin covered walls. If I stood against the walls in my birthday suit you wouldn’t be able to see me. Nasty! [the color as well as the 'lovely' visual]. Anyhoo…thank you for the inspiration. I’ve been holding off painting my interior doors black, but that’s it…I’m goin for it!

    • says

      Hi Amy! Thanks so much for reading my blog! I can’t believe someone else had to deal with that UNFORTUNATE color! Ugggghhhh! You should definitely go for the black doors. I can’t wait to paint all of our interior doors. It just looks amazing! Have fun!

  3. Jenn says

    Love this look! We’ve been thinking about changing our interior doors to black but wasn’t sure how it would look with the white trim–after seeing yours I’m convinced! Curious did you do this with your bedroom doors and did you paint both sides black?

    • says

      Thank you, Jenn! I have not yet painted our bedroom doors, but plan to and will definitely paint both sides black. I hope that helps!

  4. Tammy says

    It definitely looks much better…I am currently working at painting out all my 90’s oak trim/windows/cabinetry into white – every finish in my house is in oak trim . Finished my MB and the hallways and it looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing what you guys end up doing in your kitchen…kind of been stalking your site to see if you have updated it yet:)

    • says

      LOL, Tammy! I love blog stalkers :) The reveal should be coming in the next two or three weeks at the most :) We still have to build our kitchen table and just need to find time to do that. Isn’t it exhausting to paint trim? But it’s so, so worth it! Glad you are having the same experience.


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