How to Make a Large Lumbar Pillow (the EASY way!)

Want an extra large lumbar pillow without the steep price tag? This simple tutorial is the EASIEST way to make a beautiful custom DIY lumbar pillow (and an extra cover) that is really easy on your budget.

DIY large lumbar pillow made with a table runner

When I was giving our master bedroom a holiday makeover for the first time, I really wanted an extra-large lumbar pillow for our bed. I just feel like a sizable lumbar pillow is something you need to dress a bed properly. I really didn't want to make it myself! But I started looking around and I was FLOORED by how expensive really large lumbar pillows are. Then one day, I was shopping in Target, and as it happens sometimes, Target told me what I needed.

I saw a beautiful green and pink reversible table runner and I had a total light bulb moment. The runner was the perfect length to fit our king-size bed (72 inches), so I knew I could easily make a lumbar pillow out of it! It was SO easy. I loved the way it turned out and it was perfect for the holidays!

A few months later I found myself at Target again, and you guessed it, I had ANOTHER light bulb moment. Looking at a really beautiful table runner with stitching and tassels, I realized I could easily make a cover for my DIY lumbar pillow and change up the look in my bedroom. Really, I can make as many covers as I want! I made a second cover and it is an even easier DIY, if that is possible.

Both of these projects take only minutes and are so cheap while looking really high style. My favorite kind of DIY! And I am gonna give you quick and easy tutorials for both–how to make a bolster pillow and additional covers!

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How to Make an Extra Large Lumbar Pillow

Materials needed:

  • A double-sided table runner with two layers of fabric sewn together (the ones I used are no longer available but we found lots of great options, you can see them below. We did our best to find double-sided runners, but please verify!)
  • Polyfill ( I used two large bags of this type)
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Iron-on velcro

Steps to make your large lumbar pillow:

If you prefer video tutorials, you can watch the video below. If you prefer to read the tutorial, just scroll past the video for all the step-by-step written instructions.

1) The key to making a large lumbar pillow the easy way is to buy a table runner that is double-sided (two pieces of fabric sewn together). Open one end of your table runner about 4-6 inches. Snip the seams carefully with a seam ripper or scissors. The hole just needs to be large enough to jam your hand full of polyfill into it!

opening seam of table runner to make large lumbar pillow

2) Stuff your table runner with polyfill. This is about as simple as a DIY gets, and so easy for kids to do with minimal supervision! We used two bags, but you can use as much or as little as you want. Add polyfill until you like the firmness of your pillow!

stuffing table runner to make easy large lumbar pillow

3) Once the runner is filled to your liking, sew up your hole. If you don't want to sew (or can't!) you can use iron-on hem tape or velcro. And now you have an extra-large lumbar pillow for your bed! I stitched mine closed with green thread first and then did my best to match the pink blanket stitching.

sewing large bolster pillow closed

Bonus Steps: Make extra covers for your large lumbar pillow!

I have already made one new slipcover and can't wait to make more.

1) Choose another runner that is double layered. Open the seam of the layers at one end with a seam ripper.

open seam of table runner to make lumbar pillow

2) Attach iron-on velcro on the open end. This will allow you to close it easily!

use iron on velcro to close DIY lumbar pillow

3) Slip the new cover on your DIY lumbar pillow! Make as many as you want–they are so simple to change out. I love the idea of changing them up seasonally, which is what I did after Christmas!

diy extra large lumbar pillow

This is what it looks like without the slipcover. The one I chose to use during the holidays can easily be used all year, especially on the pink side! 

diy lumbar pillow for king size bed

That is it! This DIY lumbar pillow is such a simple project that creates an awesome end result. Doesn't it look amazing? Let your imagination go wild and make yourself as many covers as you want! My favorite part about the whole project is that it is so simple to switch them up depending on your mood or for the seasons.

If you want the full tour of our bedroom with the complete source list click here. For more great pillow projects, check out Cute Throw Pillows That You Can DIY.

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