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Last Updated on November 7, 2022

OMG, teens and tweens are so hard to shop for! I don't just want to buy them gift cards, and this list has plenty of super cool gifts for teens. They will love them, even if they don't admit it!


Hey friends! Let's take a second and talk about the hardest people to shop for–yep, I am talking about teenagers. Y'all, teens and tweens are TOUGH, especially when you are just getting close to having one, but aren't quite there yet!! I know it is easy to get gift cards, but I love a more creative and special gift. I searched far and wide and found some amazingly cool gifts for teens that are sure to please your tweens or teens (even if they don't admit it to you). Note: I only have girls, but I've tried to include plenty of things that would make cool Christmas gifts for boys as well!

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Cool Gifts for Teens

Beddy's Bedding– If you have a tweenager or teenager in your life, chances are they don't love making their bed. I know that was true for my girls (especially Avery). When we visited my sister over Labor Day weekend, my daughters got to experience Beddy's for the first time and they were totally obsessed. If you haven't heard of Beddy's let me explain… They are basically like really pretty and really soft (DEFINITELY get the minky lining) sleeping bags for your bed. You ZIP them up so they are so easy to keep neat and tidy.

I made a deal with my girls… If they kept everything off their floors and made their beds every single day for 3 weeks, I would get them their own Beddy’s. They wound up doing it for nearly 8 weeks 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 And now they each have and love their own Beddy’s! Better yet, now they are still in the habit of keeping their rooms totally clean ❤️❤️❤️ These make a great gift and are a lifesaver for bunk beds, loft beds and day beds.

Click HERE to shop Beddy's and be sure to use the code TASHA for an extra 15% off 🙌🏻

You can see Avery's below (hers is the Naturally Boho).

girl on bed with beddys beds

Headphone Cord ClipThe teenagers are a messy bunch. I love cool gifts for teens that help them stay organized!! That's what makes these cute little cord clips a must-have. We all know teens can't live without their music…help make it easier for them to listen to it!

leather cord holder

Compass  NecklaceGive your teen this beautiful reminder that you will always be her home. She will love wearing it, and knowing that someone thinks she is loved. I love cool gifts for teens that have a beautiful meaning.

compass necklace

Tattoo PensMaybe you can convince a teen in your life to put off a real tattoo for a few more years if they can create their own tattoos with these fun color markers. Cool gifts for teens that make moms breathe a sigh of relief? Win-win!!!

tattoo pens

SoundBot Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerLet your teen shower with their jams! These little waterproof speakers come in different colors and are way cool gifts for teens. Bluetooth lets them play from their phones, and they can control their playlist from the buttons on the front. But beware, this may make your water bill even higher!

soundbot speaker

Weekender Travel BagTeens are on the go all the time. Sleepovers, weekend tournaments, college visits…the list goes on and on. These bags are super light and made from recycled material! I wouldn't mind having this under the tree for me, but they are definitely high on the list for cool gifts for teens.

weekender travel bag

Speak Out GamePrepare to laugh until you cry. Get this game for your teen and have a family game night. This is one they will want to play with you! We play it with our twin girls a lot and we laugh hard every time.

speak out game

Charging StationTeens cannot be far from their phones. They are basically an extension of their body. This cool little dock has spots for all their tech gear–now if only it would remind them to actually charge their stuff! Bonus: It comes in a few different colors.

charging station

You and Me BookTeens may be too cool for their own good, but they still want our love! These books are amazingly cool gifts for teens. It allows you to share why you think they are so amazing and what you love about being their parent–despite the surliness and dirty laundry!

i love you book

Game of PhonesAgain with the phones! They have them all the time, even at family game night. Might as well make the phone the game! There are also fun expansion packs available to add on to the original game.

Game of Phones

Light BoxCool gifts for teens that double as room decor is a favorite of mine. These lightboxes are super cool and change colors!

light box

ENO HammockAn ENO hammock is probably on your kid's own list of cool gifts for teens. These are SO popular and teens everywhere are using them inside and outside. Festivals, camping, the park, your own backyard–the lounging possibilities are endless!

eno hammock

Portable Photo PrinterThey are constantly taking pictures–so give them a way to print them! This amazingly cool gift for teens will make them so happy. Make sure to get them extra printer paper because they will fly through it making copies for themselves and their friends.

photo printer

Make Good ChoicesWhen you hand your kid their keys, give them a little reminder of who they are and what you expect of them out in the world!

be safe key chain

Nylon Phone ChargerHow many chargers have your teens broken or lost? Quite a few I am sure! I love these funky USB phone chargers. They are cool gifts for teens who no doubt can use a cord that is a little more durable. The fun colors are an added bonus!

nylon phone charger

Pura VidaI LOVE gifts that give back. Pura Vida bracelets are the very essence of giving back. They are made by artisans who would otherwise live in poverty, and lots of the proceeds also go to support other charities worldwide. Double win! Their awesome bracelets (and lots of other jewelry styles) are beautiful, meaningful and the ultimate in cool gifts for teens.

puravida bracelets

Letters to My Future Self – This time capsule is the coolest idea! It is so easy to forget how we felt when we were young. Freeze that time in posterity for your teenager with this super awesome gift.

letters to my future self
what do you meme family edition

What Do You Meme Family Edition–This game is so fun! Teens and the rest of the family will enjoy a game night playing this :)

Do you agree that even the most disagreeable teens would crack a smile after seeing some of these gifts on Christmas morning? Anything else you think we should add to the list?

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  1. This is the best gift guide ever,Tasha! Forget the teenagers, I want “Speak Out” for myself. I already put it on my wishlist.

    I always forget about the Uncommon Goods website. Such great stuff there.

    Thanks for the giggle this Monday morning as I picture my family playing “Speak Out” and drooling on the table. Haha!