Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Last Updated on November 7, 2022

Mother's Day 2022 is right around the corner! Need Mother's Day gift ideas? It's been a tough couple of years! Spoil the moms in your life with these gift ideas that are as unique and thoughtful as they are.

Y'all, as a mom of two elementary school-aged girls I can tell you that the past two years HAVE BEEN REALLY, REALLY HARD. The pandemic has affected everyone and has posed challenges for every single person out there. But I can't imagine that it has affected anyone more than moms. We have juggled homeschooling and remote learning with Zoom calls and work. It has been a lot.

And even “normal” times are challenging enough! Working full-time, taking kids to and from school and activities, packing lunches, trying to keep the house and family schedule organized…. Moms do a lot.

That's a long way of saying the moms in your mom deserve to be showered with even more love than usual on Mother's Day this year! But if you are like lots of people, you struggle to find the perfect present for the mom of your kids (a/k/a your wife) or gifts for your mom or grandmothers. Fear not… I have come up with a VERY comprehensive list of unique and thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas for 2022. There is something for every budget and every kind of mom on this list. (And if you are looking for gift ideas for your kids to give their grandparents, we have a whole gift guide for gift ideas for grandparents that is full of awesome ideas.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Gifts for Sentimental Moms

Have someone who is super sentimental to shop for this Mother's Day? These are some of the most thoughtful gift ideas I could find! From personalized thumbprint necklaces (HOW SWEET?!) to embossed footprint art to custom puzzles, the sentimental moms in your life will LOVE all of these. And they are all pretty budget-friendly!

Click HERE or on the image below to see all of these sentimental Mother's Day gift ideas.

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gifts for sentimental moms

Now, if your mom or wife is the sentimental type and has tons of old family photos, film, VHS tapes, negatives, etc., the absolute best thing you can get them is iMemories. I think we are going to gift this to my mother-in-law this year (I hope she isn't reading this).

Millions of people have old photos, film, VHS tapes, negatives, and more sitting around slowly fading and degrading away. Unfortunately, these memories can’t be easily shared and eventually, they’ll eventually disintegrate (literally). iMemories turns home movies and photos into a digital format. Then they can be enjoyed on modern devices like her phone, computer and even TV. It also helps get rid of clutter! A thumb drive takes up a lot less space than boxes of photos and videotapes. iMemories is the original digitizing company. They give you a free quote, free shipping, and free image enhancements.

iMemories for a great Mother's Day gift idea

Gifts for Crafty and/or Artsy Moms

Looking for the perfect gift for the mom who loves creating things with her own hands? I have you covered!

I've also rounded up the best tangible gifts you can give a crafty mom. Chose from things like a watercolor kit, a Shibori/Indigo Dyeing Kit, or a custom embroidery kit. Or choose one of my absolute favorite things to do–paint by numbers!

Click HERE or on the photo below for all my recommendations.

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gifts for crafty or artsy moms

I also highly recommend a Subscription to Craftsy. Craftsy, formerly known as Bluprint, is a subscription-based service that gives the maker in your life access to tons of Craftsy classes and new exclusive content. Best of all, you can usually score a 7-day free trial. You can also buy a single class at a time–if you do, be sure to use the code AFFILIATE25 to save 25% off!

Craftsy class gift idea for moms

Gifts for Plant Loving Moms

As a plant lover myself, I had a LOT of fun picking out Mother's Day gift ideas that I feel like my fellow plant lovers will love. My choices include some cute planters and pots, a soil moisture meter (to take the guesswork out of when your plants need water), a beautiful plant mister, a pretty watering can, a coffee table book all about plants AND a propagation station. And if you are wanting to buy her a plant but wouldn't even know where to start in person, I highly recommend checking out this online plant shop. Their plants are high quality and the care taken with packaging/shipping is incredible. They even offer reasonably-priced monthly plant subscriptions if you want to REALLY spoil the plant-loving mom in your life.

Click HERE or on the image below to shop the items in the image below and find the perfect gift for the plant-loving mom in your life. All of my picks are budget-friendly!

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gifts for plant lovers

Gifts for Moms Who Are Always In Their Cars

Okay y'all, listen up. If you know moms who spend a lot of time in their cars driving their kids to and from school, activities, etc. there are some very simple and affordable gifts you can get them to make spending so much time in their car a bit more pleasant. I speak from experience. As a business owner who often works on my laptop from the parking lot of swim practice or dance, I've included some things that will be particularly helpful for working moms on the go.

And if you are reading this and YOU are a mom who is in your car a lot, gift these to yourself!!!! Many of these Mother's Day gift ideas on this list I already have, but I really want the rest! The car hooks are total game changers–my kids use them to hang their backpacks on and I use them for my purse, etc. I'm ordering myself the steering wheel tray and cup holder extender stat. And I already have my DIY felt ball essential oil diffuser for my car, but if I didn't I'd snap up one of the cute rainbow ones you see! I'm really hoping Joe buys me the car vacuum (it has INCREDIBLE ratings). And I don't know what I would do without my Audible membership (I've been a member since 2007–I'm a bit of an audiobook nerd).

Click HERE or on the image below to shop all of my picks :)

Click any image below for full product details.

gifts for moms who are always in their cars

I hope these Mother's Day gift ideas have you feeling inspired and ready to spoil the moms in your life! If you are looking for gift ideas for your kids to give their grandparents, we have a whole gift guide for gift ideas for grandparents that is full of awesome ideas.

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  1. it’d be nice if the products shown were available… I was looking for the felt rainbows to see what it was / how it worked and after looking at my email, opening the kaleidoscope page, then this page, finding the image and clicking to open Pinterest… nothing. Just thought you would like to know. They looked so cute… I’m bummed to not know and have wasted my time.