Bright, Bold & Colorful Christmas Tree

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Christmas trees should be fun, not complicated! Our bright, bold and colorful Christmas tree was so simple to bring to life and it sparks so much joy in our home!

colorful Christmas tree

Hi friends! Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, if I waited to decorate, we wouldn't get to enjoy our Christmas decorations long enough. So last year, we bought an artificial Christmas tree for our family room (we already had one for our dining room) so we could put it up early. We haven't looked back since!

I'll be sharing a full Christmas tour in a couple of weeks, but for now, I wanted to share with you our bright & colorful Christmas tree in the hopes that it may inspire you as you decorate your tree this year.

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How to Create a Bright, Bold & Colorful Christmas Tree

The best thing about our bright and colorful Christmas tree is how utterly simple it was to create! We started with our artificial pre-lit Christmas tree (which is insanely well-priced and we looooove it). After fluffing it, which does take a while to make it look realistic and full, I started by winding these colorful scarves around the tree like a garland (I used 8 scarves for our 7.5 foot tree). I love the texture and hint of color the scarves add. 

Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

Then we started adding colorful ornaments. We included a mixture of glitter, shiny, matte and lacquer ornaments for lots of visual interest. Nearly all of them are shatterproof and super inexpensive. We did add these glass ornaments, but all the solid color balls are shatterproof. We also added these hand-painted brushstroke ornaments that we made last year, as well as these colorful marbled ornaments we made at the same time.

colorful Christmas tree with scarf garland

We tried to space out colors and textures, but we also tried not to overthink it. After all, decorating a tree should be FUN. 

bold and bright Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

Of course, we also added some personal and sentimental ornaments (you may not be able to spot them, but we sure can). 

colorful Christmas tree with bright ornaments

pom pom stocking with colorful Christmas tree in background
colorful Christmas tree in modern family room

Simple and easy, right?! I hope you enjoyed seeing our bright and colorful Christmas tree! You can shop what we used on our Christmas tree by clicking any of the images below for full product details.

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