Most Popular Posts

These are my most popular posts over the lifespan of the blog! I’m so glad you all love my DIY projects as much as you do! Let’s look at some reader favs.

I’m so glad ya’ll love the concrete projects as much as I do! Both the DIY vanity makeover and the DIY concrete fireplace are favorites of mine and super popular on the blog.

And, since I love painting furniture I’m so happy that all of you love to read about it and check out my tutorials! Giving you tips on how to paint a dresser and how to paint Ikea furniture is so much fun for me and I hope it results in some great furniture make overs for you!

Our DIY pipe furniture is so awesome in our home, and so many of our pipe tutorials are super popular, like DIY pipe desk, DIY pipe shelves and our DIY pipe table.

Thanks for reading my most popular posts!