Christmas is probably my favorite holiday to celebrate with my family – and to decorate and make crafts for! There are just so many beautiful, adorable and inspiring ways to spruce up a home for this time of year. I don’t know how to pick my favorites!

Because I love to decorate for Christmas I have several Home Tours for you to check out! I hope you like what I’ve done with the place! If you love ornaments, you might want to check out Unique Christmas Ornaments &Decorations You Can Make Yourself! Along with those ideas, I’ve got great DIY decor posts and Easy and Beautiful DIY Wooden Ornaments.

Do you love stockings? Even if you don’t have a mantel to hang them on, we have ideas for what to do instead. And, we have homemade stocking ideas, and ideas for beautiful decorations. One simple craft I love is our DIY Christmas Card Holder! It takes minutes and is a great way to display all the beautiful cards from family and friends.