Our UNIQUE Hallway Decor and “Apartment Doors”

We transformed our dark hallway full of doors into a space full of interest and light! Come learn all about our unique hallway decor and see how we transformed our girls' bedroom doors into “apartment doors.”

unique hallway makeover

If you follow me on Instagram, there's a VERY good chance you saw this project in progress and have already seen photos of the finished project. But here you can find a complete source list along with more details about why we gave our hallway a makeover and what a difference it has made.

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The “Apartment Doors”

If you enjoy videos, watch the video below to see how this space came together!

As much as I love what we did in this landing portion of our hallway (more on that later), it's what we did to our girls' bedroom doors that is TRULY unique decor for any hallway! Their doors were absolutely fine, just a bit boring.

plain bedroom doors side-by-side in hallway

So I decided to transform their basic bedroom doors into “apartment doors.” I have truly never seen more unique hallway decor than this! So if you have kiddos and have been wondering how to decorate a hallway in your home, I would encourage you to consider this!!! My girls are OBSESSED with how it turned out!

This project idea came to me because I thought it would be a fun and special way for my kiddos to express their VERY different styles. My sweet Avery doesn't love color–you can tour Avery's bedroom here. My sweet Attley loves alllllll the color just like me, lol–you can see Attley's bedroom here.

I also came up with this idea as a way to respect their boundaries/privacy (knocking before entering, leaving notes in their mailbox if they are upset and don't want to talk, etc). It just so happens that I finally got around to it near the Christmas season, hence the Christmas decorations!

The “brick walls”, door knockers, address numbers, mailboxes, antique fire extinguishers and lantern will stay year-round. And I figure we'll add seasonal wreaths for fun. I will need to swap out Attley's mailbox for a plain one after Christmas. And we will swap out the street sign as well.

unique hallway decor brick wallpaper exterior doors
Decor sources are listed for you later–keep scrolling

One of the most special parts of this space are the nods to our family's firefighter roots. Y'all probably all know that Joe is a firefighter. But you may not know that Joe's dad, who passed away last year, was a volunteer firefighter. That fire department sign belonged to his dad. And I surprised Joe with the antique fire extinguishers that I found at a local antique shop several years ago. We never had a great place to put them until now.

unique hallway decor brick wallpaper address numbers

There are some other special touches that you may not notice at first glance. The address numbers are the times that our twin girls were born :) Now you know who is older, by 1 whole minute, lol!

interior doors made to look like apartment doors

The lantern was just a fun touch. I used this magic light trick to avoid hardwiring it (just note that I prefer to hot glue my puck lights in place–I've never had any luck using the velcro option). And the Christmas lights I added to their garlands are battery operated. They come on every evening with a timer function. So easy!

unique way to decorate hallway
bedroom doors decorated like exterior doors

Here's a before and after of this portion of our hallway. WOW.

hallway doors
unique hallway decor faux brick wallpaper and exterior features

We have since removed the brick wallpaper because we installed a DIY board and batten accent wall throughout our entire hallway. So this is how the space looked this past year for Christmas.

bedroom doors that look like apartment doors decorated for Christmas
Decor sources are listed at the bottom of this post.

And here is how the space currently looks decorated for Spring :)

Click here for decor sources

I've included a list of sources for you below. Please note I don't have links to everything if they are antique or we have had them a long time. I also don't have a link for the letters to Santa mailbox–I found that in the Dollar Spot section of Target a while back. And the pom pom wreath on Attley's door is a DIY project–you can find that tutorial here. But I have linked to a similar option that you can purchase! For the “Spring” look, I spray painted a white mailbox gold.

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The Hallway Landing

Now let's take a look at the hallway landing. It's SO MUCH brighter and happier now. I added two large console tables to the landing for storage and visual interest. These console tables really ground this space. And this rug ties in perfectly with the colorful gallery wall (that I originally hung in the hallway of our last house). The colorful gallery wall is a perfect way to add unique hallway decor to any hallway space.

It may sound odd, but since this hallway has no windows or other source of natural light, the biggest impact in the space comes from the lighting solutions. I have the lamp set up on a smart plug to come on each night before dark (you can click here to hear all about how I use our smart home devices to make life easier). And the recessed lights are on a motion detector to come on every time we walk up the stairs. I can't tell you what a difference the lighting has made to transform this space. It no longer feels like walking into a dark cave!

UPDATE: This space looks even better now since we installed our easy DIY board and batten accent wall and had Velux Sun Tunnels installed to let in tons of natural light. Woooo hoooo!

rug over carpet in colorful hallway
Click here for decor sources

I've included hallway sources for you below :)

Scroll and click on any image for full product details.


As with every single room design I create, I used the exact process I set out in Designer in a Binder®. It really works y'all.

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  1. This is so cute! Can I ask where you got the numbers and the number sign symbol for each door? I’m doing an Amazon search and can’t find the exact or similar one’s to what you used. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I found your amazing blog looking for examples of white walls with dark blue trims. Do you have a post showing the outside vs. inside of doors with different colors? It seems you did that from the kids rooms I could see, but I would love a close up of how the door and doorway look like. It will help to convince two visual people (me and husband) that it can be done. Thank you!!