DIY Scarecrow Tutu Halloween Costume

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

This adorable scarecrow tutu is actually a simple DIY! It is the cutest idea out there for a tutu Halloween costume for your little girl. And you won't believe how easy and affordable it is!

tutu scarecrow costume

Hey y'all! I am so excited to be sharing with you a tutorial for the girls' scarecrow tutu Halloween costumes that they wore last year. You see, I only started my blog on October 28th last year {with my debut $71 laundry room renovation post}, so I was not in any position to share a Halloween costume tutorial before Halloween. But the good news is that I can now share it with you this year!

I figured last year was the final year that I could select the girls' costumes for them, so I picked something I really loved. I had fallen in love with an inspiration costume on Esty, but it cost over $100 per costume and a hat was NOT included. Ummmm, no. So, I made them myself for a fraction of the cost. This post contains some affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure.

Materials Needed for 1 Scarecrow Tutu Halloween Costume:

Steps to Make 1 Scarecrow Tutu Halloween Costume:

1) Measure your child from their armpit to the floor. Have them wear whatever shoes they will wear with the costume for this step. You want to go all the way down to the floor because the dress will poof up quite a bit, which will shorten the length of the dress.

2) Next, measure your child around her chest and back, right under her armpits. This is where the elastic will sit. Cut your elastic about 1 inch larger than your child's measurement. Sew the ends of your elastic together to create a loop.

3) On a flat surface, cut your tulle into strips that are twice as long as the length measured in step 1. This is the most time-consuming part. I was lucky to have both my mom and step-dad visiting, so they helped me a lot. We had quite an assembly line going on. I used all four rolls of tulle–that's a lot of cutting, so having company or a good audiobook is good for this step :)

4) Stretch your elastic over something that is roughly the same size as your child's chest. I used a chair. If your child is smaller, you could use rolled-up towels.

scarecrow tutu being made

5) Now you are ready to tie your tulle strips on to your elastic. To do this, fold a strip of tulle in half. Place the looped side under the elastic, and pull the loose ends through the loop to secure. Repeat with the rest of the tulle. You will want to alternate your colors of tulle. Since you will use more orange than the other colors, be sure to use them proportionately {i.e., 2 orange, 1 yellow, 1 brown}. You can use as much tulle as you want to obtain the desired fullness. I used 4 full rolls per dress.

steps for scarecrow tutu costume

6) Once all of your tulle strips are tied on the elastic, you are ready to sew on your burlap ribbon halter straps. Form them in a “V” shape and sew the bottom portion of the V {where the two ribbons overlap} to the inside of the elastic strip. As you can see, there is nothing particularly tidy about my stitches. You won't see them anyway :)

adding straps to scarecrow tutu costume

7) Finally, sew your sunflower and chiffon ribbon on. You can place the chiffon ribbon beneath the sunflower so the ends are hidden. Then stitch the flower and ribbon onto the elastic. Again, your stitching does not have to be fancy. Mine wasn't!

attaching sunflower to scarecrow tutu

I ordered the coordinating scarecrow hats from Chasing Fireflies for $12.50 each (if they are not available, this is a cute one also). Because it was a bit chilly, I bought them long-sleeved yellow shirts from Old Navy to wear under their dresses. Then I painted their little noses with brown lipstick and added the “stitches” with brown eyeliner. I also added some blush to make their rosy cheeks even rosier.

This TRULY is an easy project. It is time-consuming, but pretty relaxing and simple. And HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

scarecrow tutu costume

What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? What is your favorite costume you have ever seen?

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  1. I did this costume this year for my 3 year old I loved it but a couple of pointers I would like to share.
    We used glitter tulle, looked super cool but was stiff and left glitter everywhere in making and wearing.
    I am not sure how long the models wore these with out sweaters because the tulle is itchy, arms and legs do need to be covered.
    Costume was fore sure a crowd pleaser and easy to make!!

  2. Hi Tasha! I just ordered the hat for my 2 year old from the link. It is extremely small. It even looks significantly smaller than the picture. Did you experience this and have to pin the hat on or were the hats you received the right size! Thanks for the great tutorial! Can’t wait to see my little one in it!

    1. Hi Kelli! The hats I received were the perfect size, but my girls both have small heads so maybe that is why. I just ordered the one size that was available.

  3. Do you remember the exact length (in inches) that you cut for your strips. And how many total strips did you use? This will help me in figuring out what I will need for my daughter. Thank you

    1. Hi Amy! I didn’t actually measure the strips–I just held one up to each of my girls to get the correct length and then used the first strip as a guide to cut the rest. I have no idea how many strips I used, but I used every bit of tulle that I ordered, which was 4, 25 yard rolls per costume. I hope that helps!

  4. The Girls look so adorable ❤️ I’m gonna try this for my daughter too. I was only wondering in you Even made the hat on your own? I’m still looking for a pattern, because I have not been quite succesful yet.. I would be very glad if you could give me some advice where to find one.

  5. Love this so much, I’m going to try making it this year!!! I wanted to know when using 2 oranges…do you loop them together or side by side?

  6. I just made this for my daughter for her Halloween costume. It’s adorable. Wish I could upload a picture!!! Worked out great. Wish I could find a scarecrow hat cheap around here! Too late for shipping.

      1. I’m going to do nice photos with her tonight, as well as with my other daughter, who I used a different “charachter” for, but still used your idea with the tulle. I’ve made them long so they drag on the ground, but only for pictures, after I take pictures (and lots of them!) I’m going to cut them down so they don’t drag thereafter. I’m so excited! I’ll email you the end results when I get the photos done.

        I never found a hat, so I decided I would use an idea from Stef. It’s not my own…

        I’m so excited to see the end result in the photos.

  7. These are so cute! I guess I’ll just have to take care to choose good quality tulle, right? I’ve seen cheaper ones that lies flat even when bunched up. This one needs to poof out. Really great idea, thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy! The tulle I found on Amazon definitely puffed out. I also think using LOTS of tulle like I did helps give it volume. So glad you like the tutorial!

  8. These are so adorable. My twin girls will be 20 months this Halloween and might be still too little to make them keep a hat on and such. But next year or the next. What were other twin costumes you did? I did thing 1 & 2 like the twins and love it. But twin girl costumes are getting to be tough on my brain.

    1. Hi Alexis! Their first year they were a lady bug and bumblebee. Their second year they were ballerinas. Last year, of course, they were scarecrows. And this year they are going as Elsa and Anna {I am going to be Olaf and my husband is going to be Sven–we will be the Frozen family!}. Have fun with your twin girls!!!

  9. oh my word how adorable..that’s the best little girl scarecrow costume ever but alas i have two grandsons…the best homemade costumes i have ever seen is triplet boys dressed as characters from thomas the train..made from cardboard boxes xx

  10. Nawww they look so cute! I love easy and thrifty costumes! My 6 year old twin girls want batgirl costumes (hot pink and black tutu style ones) this year.