14+ Unique and Creative Fall Wreath Ideas for Your Home

Autumn is almost here and it's time to embrace the season's warm colors, rich textures, and cozy ambiance. One of the easiest ways to decorate your front door or add a touch of fall to your interior is through a beautiful wreath. But I'm not talking about a basic wreath. Step it up a notch with these stunning and unique Fall wreath ideas. They are sure to inspire you to get crafty, try new materials, and celebrate the beauty of the season!

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I know that I may be a bit unusual, but typical Fall wreaths don't do much to excite me. It probably won't surprise you that I'm not super big on “traditional” Fall decor and the typical Autumn color palettes that are dominated by creams, browns and oranges.

When I look for Fall wreath ideas, I'm on the hunt for creative materials, texture and rich, vibrant colors! Turns out there are lots of good options and I've included my favorites! There are some DIY Fall wreaths for those of you who like to make your own, and there are also some that you can buy so all you have to do is hang them up.

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colorful diy pom pom wreath for fall or winter

DIY Pom Pom Wreath

If you like to make things and have lots of yarn, this colorful DIY fall wreath is perfect for you. All you need is a foam wreath form, different yarn colors, and a few other basic supplies. It's time-consuming, but so worth it. And it works well for Fall and Winter!

colorful DIY felt ball wreath for fall or winter

Colorful DIY Wreath Made from Felt Balls

If you love the idea of a colorful Fall wreath but want a quick DIY project, then this vibrant and fun felt ball wreath is for you! It is so, so easy to make!

faux sumac wreath pink and peach

Faux Sumac Wreath

I love the blush and apricot tons of this faux sumac wreath. It's subtle enough to blend in with traditional Fall decor, but vibrant enough for color-lovers like me!

rainbow dried flowers fall wreath

Vibrant Dried Flower Wreath

This large handmade dried flower wreath in rainbow hues is STUNNING! It's made by Florence and Flowers with a mixture of natural dried and preserved flowers.

diy candy wreath

DIY Candy Wreath

I love that this candy wreath can be as colorful or toned down as you want it to be, depending on what types of candy you use to make it.

colorful diy pumpkin wreath

DIY Rainbow Pumpkin Wreath

I cannot stop drooling over this deliciously unique and colorful fall wreath!!!! It's simple to make, though it will take a bit of patience since a fair amount of painting is involved. But it's so worth it and will last for years to come!

diy faux red apple wreath

DIY Faux Apple Wreath

This faux apple wreath is absolutely stunning. I love how full it is! And if you want to add more color variation, you could include different varieties of apples and/or use a different ribbon to hang it.

modern colorful dried flower fall wreath on metal hoop

Modern Dried Flower Hoop Wreath

This is one of my favorite fall wreath ideas. It's so unique, modern and vibrant! It comes in different sizes and you can choose a gold or copper hand that is decorated with dried and preserved flowers.

diy wheat wreath

DIY Wheat Wreath

This DIY wheat wreath is easy to make with this simple tutorial. You can even use dyed wheat if you want to make a colorful version! Or go neutral with your wheat and add some ribbon you love. The options for customizing a wheat wreath are endless!

diy candy corn lima bean wreath

DIY Candy Corn Fall Wreath

How fun is this colorful candy corn wreath?! It's made from painted lima beans which is absolutely genius. It's simple enough that even your kiddos could help make it!

fall bike wheel wreath

DIY Fall Wheel Wreath

Why stick to a basic wreath form when you can use a metal wheel form?! This is such a creative and modern spin on a fall wreath. The asymmetrical and minimal blooms mixed with berries and faux pumpkins are perfection. And it's easy to make!

vibrant fall foliage wreath

Vibrant Fall Foliage Wreath

This gorgeous fall wreath is full of fall greenery and faux blooms in vibrant shades of blue, orange and pink. It's a perfect fall wreath for people who prefer a more vibrant color palette!

colorful diy paper corn wreath

DIY Paper Corn Wreath

Need a new wreath to freshen up your door this fall? Try this colorful DIY corn wreath! It's unique, creative and you can use as much or as little color as you want.

Make a Wheat Sheaf

If you want something more unique than a traditional fall wreath shape, make a simple wheat sheaf instead! It doesn't get much easier than this and looks stunning hanging on a door OR sitting on a table. Customize it by adding any ribbon that suits your decor.

Fall wreaths are a great way to express your creativity, enhance your home's curb appeal, and welcome the season with style. Whether you're into DIY projects, vibrant colors, or contemporary designs, I hope these fall wreath ideas have inspired you to try something unique and creative!

And if you prefer to buy over crafting, you can find some more stunning fall and autumn wreath options below.

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