Stylish Recliners You Will Actually Want!

I'll be the first to admit that there's no seating option more comfortable than a recliner. But for so long recliners weren't exactly a stylish decor option. And I'm completely unwilling to sacrifice style for comfort. Fortunately, recliners have come a long way in the last 15 years! Gone are the clunky, pouffy recliners of the old days. There are now TONS of modern and stylish recliners you will actually want. I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true!

It took my husband and I over EIGHT long years to find a recliner that is equally comfortable and beautiful. A few years later, we found two more beautiful recliners for another area of our home. I now consider myself somewhat of an expert in finding attractive recliners, lol. I'm sharing my absolute favorites with you in this post. We found the best options whatever your decor style!

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If you've been around long enough, you might remember when Joe and I finally found a gorgeous, modern recliner that we both loved (the West Elm Spencer Recliner). We had almost given up after searching high and love for over 8 years. We've now had it in the family rooms of both our old home and current home for over 4 years and we absolutely love it–I've even shared a full review of the West Elm Spencer recliner).

Once I realized that recliners could be beautiful and comfortable, I discovered a whole new world of stylish recliners. So a couple of years later, I started hunting for two more when we decided to change up the sitting area in the bedroom of our old home. And I found another modern recliner option that we love!

The Two Modern Recliners We Own

These are the two recliners we settled on in our house.

West Elm Spencer Recliner

The Spencer Recliner is Joe's favorite (actually maybe his most favorite thing in the whole house!) and we use it in our family room.

This is how our West Elm Spencer recliner looks in our current family room.

West Elm Spencer leather recliner in family room of Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living

All Modern Chartier Recliner

The Chartier Recliner is incredibly similar to our Spencer recliner, but comes in at a much lower price point. We purchased 2 of them nearly 4 years ago and they looked perfect as a pair in our old bedroom sitting area. They now look beautiful in our colorful bonus room!

stylish modern fabric recliners in bonus room by Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living
Here is how our fabric recliners look in our bonus room.
stylish recliners in sitting area of bedroom by Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living
Here is how our fabric recliners looked in our old bedroom sitting area.

15+ More Stylish Recliner Options

I get asked about the two recliners I love very often. Unfortunately, the recliners in our bonus room are often out-of-stock, so I've sourced loads more stylish recliners for you! Erase the images of old, pouffy, oversized recliners out of your head and be prepared to have your world rocked with these sleek and beautifully stylish recliners.

Sleek Modern Recliners

Every single one of the modern recliners I have found are not only beautiful, but they get good reviews for comfort! The other big benefit is that many of them can fit in spaces where an oversized recliner would never work.

This Vegan Leather recliner looks nearly identical to our West Elm Spencer recliner, but comes in a much lower price point.

modern Vegan leather recliner

This modern blue recliner gives me all the Mad Men vibes and I am here for it! The blue upholstery is gorgeous and I love the walnut legs.

blue mid-century modern recliner

This is another vegan leather recliner option. I love that this Teasley recliner looks like a stylish arm chair. The airy wooden arms make it ideal for not overwhelming a small space. And the price point is reasonable on this one also!

modern vegan leather recliner with wood arms

If you love the look of the modern recliner above, but vegan leather isn't your favorite, check out this gorgeous upholstered option–there are two different colors of upholstery to choose from.

modern gray tweed recliner with wood arms

If you are looking for a modern recliner with a softer look, this upholstered beauty is a recliner and a glider.

stylish modern recliner and glider

This Rhys mid-century modern recliner is timeless and stunning. And the upholstery color and fabric options are extensive.

button tufted modern recliner

This mid-century chair and ottoman isn't an all-in-one recliner, but it's iconic design and great price point are definitely worth considering. It comes in a several different colors. It's absolutely stunning.

modern black chair and ottoman Eames style design

Another West Elm Spencer lookalike for you! This Everett Recliner is made of faux leather and comes in a few pretty color options (including navy blue)! It's nearly half the price of the Spencer recliner that we have and gets incredible reviews.

gray faux leather modern recliner

Attractive Traditional Recliners

If your style leans more traditional than modern, I've got you covered as well. These traditional recliner options are still a far cry from the pouffy recliners of our parents' generation. These are traditional but stylish!

The Harris Leather Power Recliner is a long-standing best seller for a reason. It's a timeless and classic design that will never go out of style.

stylish traditional leather recliner

If you love the idea of a beautiful but traditional recliner, but are on a tight budget, this one is for you! This tufted push back recliner comes in at under $300 and has over 1,000 stellar reviews. It comes in a few different color options.

tufted rolled arm traditional recliner

The Irving Roll Arm Leather Chair is a best-selling classic. Few things say comfort and timeless style like a club chair and this one reclines!

leather club chair recliner

If you love the look of a club chair recliner, but the one above is out of your budget, take a look at this nailhead pushback recliner. It's priced at under $300 and has over 200 excellent reviews.

fabric club chair recliner

This Shelby recliner has an understated but classic design. It comes in 4 different performance fabric options at a reasonable price point (under $600).

stylish white fabric recliner

The Wells Tufted Leather Recliner is a personal favorite of mine, and if we ever find ourselves in the market for another recliner, this would be at the top of my list. The wingback silhouette is stunning, yet classic. And I love that it swivels.

tufted wingback leather recliner

This Tyler Upholstered Square Arm Recliner comes in countless fabric options and looks like a classic arm chair. No one would guess by looking at it that it's actually a stylish recliner.

square arm striped fabric recliner with modern but traditional design

What do you think of all those stylish recliner option?! I told you they are nothing like those recliners we all remember from the 70's and 80's! I hope this post has helped you a bit on your journey to find the perfect recliner for your home.

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  1. Hi Tasha! I ran across your site after researching reviews on the West Elm recliner. Thank you so much for providing a detailed review! From your site, we also found a couple chairs VERY similar from All Modern. The only thing I’ve noticed is the West Elm product seems to have better quality in materials which makes it more appealing to us, but for double the price, we’re a little undecided. Curious, why did you decide on the West Elm recliner vs. All Modern for your family space?

    1. Hi Kelvin. I’m glad you found my review helpful :) We purchased the West Elm recliner quite a while before I even discovered the less expensive All Modern option. The West Elm recliner is heavier and more substantial, and I do personally feel like the leather makes it extra comfy. But we’ve been VERY happy with the All Modern recliners (which we’ve had for around 4 years now). I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Tasha, really appreciate this review and your detailed post on the West Elm Spencer. I’m looking at the Arhaus Deacon Recliner … I tested one at our local store and it was heavenly the only drawback is its almost 4k with the footrest. If you have an Arhaus near you I’d be curious to know what you thought it vs the Spencer.


    1. Hi Jas! There wasn’t an Arhaus anywhere near us when we purchased our Spencer recliner over 4 years ago (and the closest one now is still 80+ miles away), so I’m sorry I can’t help!