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Linen Closet Organization: 7 Simple Tips for a Pretty and Functional Linen Closet

May 17, 2018

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Our linen closet was a total mess, but now it's organized and beautiful! In this post, I'm sharing 7 simple tips for linen closet organization that's as functional as it is beautiful.

linen closet organization

Hey friends! If you have taken my “real-life” house tour on Instagram, you know I'm pretty tidy and clean. And some of you would say that's an understatement. But y'all, there are plenty areas of my house that are a hot mess (at least by my standards). And for the past 5 years, our linen closet was near the top of that list. While I'm VERY grateful to have a linen closet (I've lived in houses that had none), we really needed to get a handle on the situation.

This is what our mess of a linen closet looked like and has looked like since we moved into our house over 5 years ago. Now, if that doesn't look that bad to you, just keep reading, because it's a lot better now. Trust me.

Our linen closet is more of a problem than it is helpful. No more! Check out our linen closet solutions and plans.

Our linen closet is more of a problem than it is helpful. No more! Check out our linen closet solutions and plans.

The good news is that it's such a small space that I was able to tackle our linen closet organization AND give it a major face lift over the course of only 2 days. Let me show you what it looks like now, and then I'll share my best tips for how you can organize your own linen closet. The complete source list is at the bottom of this post :) 

organize linen closet

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7 Simple Tips for Pretty and Practical Linen Closet Organization

1) Empty your entire linen closet. Strip it bare people! And in the process, be sure to purge anything you no longer want or need. And by all means, get rid of stuff that has expired (I was shocked to see much expired medication we had in our linen closet). We were able to purge old hooded baby towels. Uummmm, yeah, our girls are 7-years-old now, don't need those any more. You get the idea. Get rid of as much as you can!

2) Give it a facelift. I have always found that when I give a room or closet a fresh coat of paint or otherwise spruce it up, I'm way more motivated to keep it super organized. And closets can start looking dingy over time. Ours certainly did! It was a sad color that somewhat resembled a manilla folder. And it had scuff marks all over it. Giving the walls and shelves a fresh coat of paint did wonders for this linen closet's appearance. Of course, we took it one step further and added this removable wallpaper to the back wall. It was a total splurge, but to say I love it is an understatement. And you better believe I'm going to keep this closet tidy now because I love looking at that wallpaper so much, the door stays open a lot :)

organized linen closet

3) Maximize the storage on the back of the door. This made a HUGE difference for us. The plastic shoe hanger that was on the back of the door before was a cool idea in theory, but it was hard to keep things tidy in those flexible pockets. Luckily, we already owned the Elfa system for the door (we previously used it in another closet). So after giving the door a fresh coat of black paint, I quickly installed it and basically quadrupled our storage. It's super sturdy and I'm very happy not to be dealing with floppy shoe pockets any more.

linen closet makeover

4) Use clear containers to store identical items. I bought these clear containers  to hold all of our batteries, which are sorted by size and type. I also use one to hold sewing kit items so that whenever there is a stuff animal “emergency” hole, I have what I need to stitch it closed before my girls totally freak out.

organize linen closet

5) Use canvas bins for your towels and linens. One of the biggest changes that we made is that we are now storing all of our towels and linens in these large canvas bins. Why didn't I think of this before?! We had a stack of these old canvas bins that we used to use in our guest room laying around. When I realized they fit in the linen closet, I loaded them up with our towels and linens and shoved them back in the closet. No more messy stacks of mis-matched towels! I love how tidy the canvas bins make the closet look, and it's super easy to slide them out to find what we are looking for.

linen storage

6) Use small organizing bins for small items. This may sound SUPER obvious, but when you store small things (like bottles of Children's Tylenol) in big drawer or bins, it's going to wind up being a disorganized mess. You need your storage bins/drawers to be similar in size to what you are storing! I organized all of our medication in these plastic woven storage bins. And I even went a step further and used IKEA Skubb boxes inside to keep things even more organized (by type/category). Another small bin holds all of our ace bandages and other first aid supplies. And two more are totally empty right now. YAY for purging.

how to organize a linen closet
linen closet organization

7) Have a designated spot for everything. This is not specific to organizing your linen closet. It's just a good organization tip in general. When you have a designated spot for everything, it's FAR more likely that it will get put back where it belongs. For example, we have a designated spot on the back of the door for all of our sunscreen. Our giant pool bag (still) sits in the very bottom of the closet. We know where things go, so we put them back in those spots. I promise, it works if you make the effort!

organize linen closet

So there you have it! Our organized linen closet reveal plus my best linen closet organization tips. I'd love for you to save this project to Pinterest before you head out :)

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