Entryway Bench Ideas: The Perfect Storage Solution to Keep Your Entryway Tidy

Having an entryway bench with storage is a game-changer for busy families. Every home needs a drop-zone for items as they walk in so that stuff doesn't end up all over the place. Using storage furniture that includes space for everyone's shoes, bags and jackets helps keep your entryway tidy and tames the inevitable mess. But finding the perfect entryway storage bench can be challenging! I have the best entryway bench ideas–whether you want to create your own or buy one that works with your personal style. These will help control the chaos and look great with your decor.

DIY entryway benches with storage

There are a few things that I find to be absolute MUSTS for keeping our family organized and our entryway clear of clutter. First, a family command center. We've had one for over 15 years and I swear by it. Second, a family calendar to keep our schedules organized. And third, an entryway bench and/or some other functional and practical storage in our entryway.

Entryway benches are not just a beautiful addition to your home decor, but they also serve a practical purpose. They offer a place to sit down and take off your shoes and a spot to store them! But they aren't just functional–they can add a beautiful decorative focal point in your entryway. Whether you prefer a DIY project or purchasing a bench with storage, an entryway bench can be a great investment for any home. In this post, you'll find all my favorite buyable entryway benches first (I've included entryway benches at every price point), followed by my favorite DIY entryway bench ideas for those who prefer to build your own custom piece!

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Entryway Benches With Storage to Buy

Do you love the idea of having storage in your entryway but want something you don't have to make yourself? I get it! There are PLENTY of times I buy something I love so I can spend my time on another project. Never fear! I found you some AMAZING choices for the perfect entryway storage bench for any space or style!

A few options fall into the “perfect entryway storage” category. Check them out below. I'm highlighting a few of my favorites, but to see all of my picks, you can scroll through the carousel below!

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Best Built-In Look

This Black Wide Hall Tree looks like a built-in bench, but the price is super budget-friendly. It is the perfect hallway furniture if you want a more traditional cubby look with hooks and TONS of shoe storage spaces. It holds 24 pairs and I love that with a cubby system you can see each pair. Much easier for kids who can never “see things” if they aren't right in front of them!

black mudroom storage with shoe cubbies

This locker entryway storage cabinet also gives the look of a custom built-in and is STUNNING, but the price tag is quite a bit higher. This one is an investment but it's worthy of decorating an entire space around if it's in your budget. I love that it has doors and hides the coat hooks. Hanging jackets and bags can be a jumbled mess, but this hides clutter from guests (and from you!).

blue entryway storage cabinet

Perfect for a Small Space

The Prosperie Storage Bench is on the small side which is perfect if your space is limited, but it still has ample storage. With two drawers to hold stuff and a shelf at the bottom for shoes, it is an awesome option. I also love the simple metal and wood style. Need to contain more mess? Slide baskets on the bottom shelf if you want more shoe storage you can't see!

small wood bench with metal legs with pillow on top and shoes on shelf

Unique and Versatile Entryway Storage

The Batten Storage Bench and Panel Set is more than just entryway furniture–it is a total WOW piece! The slats and the sleek style of the drawers make it feel really cool and modern, and the ability to shift the hooks and shelves around to suit your family makes it a total winner. You can even make it a long piece by adding another bench.

modern brown slat entryway modular furniture with pillow on seat and shoes and accessories on shelves

Best Customizable Option

This modular entryway storage system isn't just beautiful and functional, it's customizable! Add or take away pieces to create the perfect entry bench with storage to suit your needs.

white modular entry storage lockers with drawers and bench with pillows

Sleek and Modern Entryway Bench

I love a hallway bench that is functional and beautiful. This sleek mid-century modern entryway bench sits low to the ground and has hidden storage for shoes. I love the clean lines, the warmth of the wood and the simplicity. This one would also work well in a smaller space.

mid century modern shoe storage bench with drawer with metal pull

 DIY Entryway Bench Ideas

Now let's take a look at the best DIY entryway bench ideas out there. There are some incredible options and some cost as little as $25 to make yourself!

Simple Entryway Bench

This simple DIY bench takes a few power tools, but it is an easy build even for a beginner! It is also very budget-friendly and will fit most any design style.

blue entryway bench with storage crates

DIY Shoe Storage Bench

This long bench is designed to hold large premade crates. It is perfect for a large blank wall that needs extra seating and more storage. It could easily be made to fit fewer crates for a smaller space.

wood pipe entryway bench with coats and shoes

Wood and Pipe Entryway Stand

This bench and coat rack combo is inspired by a much more expensive version. It looks amazing! It is a more modern style than lots of the entryway bench ideas and has a beautiful design with lots of storage.

colorful mudroom with wood slat wall

Add Clever Storage

If you already have a built-in bench or lockers in your entryway, it can be really simple to update the look and increase the functional storage! I gave our built-in entryway storage a new look by adding a rainbow slat treatment to the back of it. Best of all, I added tons of additional storage with fun baskets and bags that hang on the wall. There is a personalized storage bag for each family member–they store things like hats, gloves and masks.

rustic entry way bench with boxwood wreaths

Rustic Farmhouse Bench

This beautiful farmhouse DIY is an entryway bench with lots of storage! They used galvanized metal bins, but you could easily switch them out for wicker baskets or canvas bins.

white mudroom lockers with bench and hooks

Mudroom Lockers with a Bench

This locker-style entryway bench was a total DIY. It is perfect for taking off shoes and dropping bags and jackets, and the extra storage baskets down below can hold anything else that needs a home.

blue entryway bench with bright pillows and gallery wall above it

DIY Bench with Secret Storage

This Pinterest-worthy piece of furniture is beautiful and it has a secret storage bin under the seat to hide the mess in your foyer. I still can't believe it's a DIY!

blue and white aztec bench

Aztec Bench

This modern bench is a set of built-in drawers that are the perfect height for sitting! There is a full tutorial for building one for yourself. I love that you can easily add wall hooks above it and have a whole drop zone.

white wood bench with shoe storage shelves and natural wood top

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage

This DIY has a beautiful bench top finished with polyurethane to show off the natural texture and wood grain. This is the perfect option for a family that needs an entryway bench with shoe storage–and lots of it!

wood storage bench with metal legs and pillows inside

Entryway Storage Bench

The thorough tutorial for this entry bench with storage is very easy to follow, making it great for those who may be a little newer to woodworking but want to make a beautiful piece.

pale blue storage bench with baskets underneath and neutral pillows on top

Simple and Budget-friendly Bench

This gorgeous bench looks like it came from Pottery Barn. And it only costs $25 to make! It is deep enough to add a few throw pillows to create a really welcoming entryway.

white storage bench with geometric inlay

Geometric Inlay Storage Bench

This bench is a stunner! The geometric lines are so cool and it would also look amazing in natural wood. This is so different than most entryway bench ideas and I love that it looks nothing like a DIY project.

industrial bench with galvanized metal drawers and chalkboard over it

Industrial Mudroom Bench

This bench has a cool industrial vibe and two large storage shelves, making it simple to customize the storage for your family's needs! You can take this one more industrial or more farmhouse to be cohesive with the style in the rest of the space.

Inspired Two-drawer Bench

This Pottery Barn-inspired DIY is much more budget-friendly than the one you can order but it is equally as amazing! Also, there is a video tutorial, making it even easier to build one yourself.

white mudroom bench with hooks and cubbies

Mudroom Bench with Cubbies and Hooks

This mudroom cubby DIY has twice the storage, making it perfect for a busy family. Things your littles need to access all the time can go in the bottom baskets, and more seasonal items can go up high!

wood entryway bench with hidden storage

Entry Bench with Hidden Storage

This genius design has hidden storage! Just slide the cushion over to access the secret space to hide all the messy things you don't want junking up your entryway.

white entryway with arched door and bench with bright blue legs

Simple Bench with a Pop of Color

This bench may be simple, but it packs a design punch! The pop of color elevates the whole thing and gives the entryway a cool vibe. Its simplicity makes it perfect for a narrow hallway.

modern DIY bench

DIY West Elm Bench Knockoff

Y'all know how much I love the modern simplicity of West Elm designs, but sometimes the prices are a bit out of reach. You can make your own version of a popular West Elm bench design for around $15 with this step-by-step tutorial.

With so many styles and designs available, you can find an entryway bench that meets your needs and matches your style. Whether you prefer a DIY project or purchasing a bench with storage, the benefits of an entryway bench are endless. So get ready to say goodbye to messy entryways and hello to a beautiful, functional space!

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