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The BEST Family Command Center Options To Get and Stay Organized

August 19, 2021

A family command center is crucial for keeping your busy family organized! Take control of the chaos and set up a family command center ASAP. These are the best options out there. Just pick the one that suits your family's needs!

11 command centers for busy families

Hi friends! I frequently get asked about how we keep our house so tidy and stay organized. And I promise you, there's nothing magic about what we do! It really is about developing systems that work for our family. And the number one thing I recommend to everyone is a family command center. We've been using one for over 14 years now (yes, we had one even before we had kids)!

What is a Family Command Center?

A family command center is just a designated space in your home that serves as the central place for organizing daily chaos (schedules, incoming papers, car keys, etc). Exactly what you include in your command center varies based on your family's own needs, but they frequently include things like a family calendar, a place for papers, a place for notes/messages, and hooks for keys.

How Do I Set One Up?

One of the most crucial systems we set up years and years ago is our “family command center.” You can read all of my detailed tips about setting up a command center that will work for you in this post.

Our family command center is in our kitchen and is where we “check in” and “check out” every time we leave the house. If paper comes into the house, it gets sorted at our command center–we have a designated spot for items to shred, bills to pay, records to file and receipts to scan. It's also where we hang our car keys so we always know where they are. And I do mean ALWAYS. If you want details on our paper system, you can read about it here.

The key to using a family command center is to commit to using it every single day. When you make it a habit, it takes no time at all to stay on top of the bills, receipts and all the other paper that comes into your house. 

Again, you can read all of my detailed tips about setting up a command center that will work for you in this post.

Since everyone's needs are different, I've rounded up the best family command center options that I've seen.  Just click on any of the links or photos below each photo for more details about each family command center or wall organization piece that you see.

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The BEST Family Command Center Options

1) Modular Daily SystemPottery Barn's Daily System is the family command center that we have used for the past 14 years and I absolutely LOVE it.  It still looks brand new.  And I love that it is modular and totally customizable.  It makes it easy to tweak as your needs change.

pottery barn daily system white

Here's a photo of our Pottery Barn Daily System in black.

2) Modern Black and Natural Organizer– I love the modern lines of this organizer. The black with natural wood is super simple but high impact and there are spots for all of your things! This is perfect for a family that already has a spot for papers and needs to add a catchall for mail, keys, sunglasses, etc.

black and wood organizer


3) Gold Wire Adjustable Wall Organizer– The four storage baskets on this chic gold wall organizer are sized perfectly for files, mail, school papers and more. The best part is that they are adjustable, so you can reposition them in the best way to suit your family's needs.

gold metal command center

4) Modern and Simple Command Center– I love everything about this hand-made simple and modern organization. It's practical and streamlined, but the sweet bud vase on it makes it extra special.

modern wood and white command center

5) Custom Chalkboard Calendar– For families who have a lot of schedules to juggle, this custom chalkboard calendar could be a game-changer and the central part of an EPIC command center. It is not an actual chalkboard but is made to look like one. The surface is an easy-to-erase acrylic material. 

custom chalkboard calendar

6) Fabric Pocket Organizer– Love a pocket system to stay organized? These fun pockets can hold everything from phones to sunglasses! There are even two hooks that are perfect for keys. 

canvas pocket organizer

7) Modern Magnetic Wall Organizers– This system is truly ingenious.  You mount magnetic plates to your wall and attach the containers of your choice.  So easy and customizable!  Make a small family command center or a huge one with endless options.

modern white magnetic wall organizer

8) Galvanized Modular Wall System– This galvanized modular wall system from Pottery Barn is another favorite of mine.  I love the look of it and again, it's modular so you can customize it and change it around to suit the needs of your family command center as often as you like.pottery barn galvanized metal command center

9) Acrylic Family Calendar– This gorgeous and modern acrylic family calendar is as functional as it is pretty. This calendar has it ALL: monthly calendar, weekly calendar, chore list, to do list, reminders. Best of all, this calendar will be personalized just for your family’s unique needs! Customize the calendar for free with any titles you’d like. 

acrylic family wall calendar

10) Modern Calendar and Sorting Station I love the streamlined and clean look of this option. And you could create absolutely anything you want on the whiteboard and calendar–totally customizable to your needs!

wood and black command center

11) Modular Acrylic Command Center If you love the acrylic calendar above but need some hooks and bins for your family command center, this option is perfect for you! You could even combine it with the acrylic monthly calendar for the best of all worlds.

acrylic command center


I hope you are feeling inspired to get your family organized once and for all. I promise you, a good command center will have a positive impact on you every single day! Also, I highly recommend getting your whole entryway in order. You can check out my favorite tips for that in these inspiring entryway organization ideas. 

Want more ways to get your family organized? My post on Kids' Morning Routine and Organization can be easily adapted to homeschool mornings. We still have to get ready for the day! 8 Practical Refrigerator Organization Tips for Busy People will help you get your refrigerator in order–especially if you can't keep your kids out of it right now! 

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