Screened-In Porch Tour + Outdoor Decorating Tips

Looking for ideas for your screened-in-porch or outdoor patio? Take the full tour of our screened-in porch and learn all about my favorite practical outdoor decorating tips. These tips and tricks are sure to help you decorate your own outdoor space so that it feels like an oasis for your whole family!

screened-in-porch with string lights lit up in the evening

You may remember that what really made us fall in love with our current home is the incredible screened-in porch. It took my breath away when we first saw it! We did have some nice Fall weather to enjoy out there after we moved in, and we even used it more than we expected over the Winter. But now we are entering our first FULL warm weather season in this house, so I finally took the time to really decorate and finish this space. AND I'M TOTALLY SMITTEN with how it turned out!

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Before I show you the space, I wanted to share my best tips and tricks for decorating outdoor spaces!

Tips for Decorating Outdoor Spaces

Tip #1: Create Zones

If you have a large space, create zones. For example, we have an eating zone as well as some lounging zones. The most obvious seating area is in front of the fireplace, but we also have a rocking chair in the opposite corner for those days. And this egg chair was a splurge, but it's everyone's favorite spot. We move it so that it's in front of the ottoman whenever we watch movies out here. It's the comfiest chair and seats two adults or two kids + 1 adult comfortably.

large screened-in-porch

I'd love to possibly add a small DIY outdoor kitchen to the space someday. We shall see!

Tip #2: Make your space USEABLE!

This sounds obvious, but a lot of people miss this crucial point. Our table and chairs are comfy and functional. When the weather is warm enough, we eat dinner out here every single night and this is the only spot where we really watch TV. And it's because the furniture we've chosen isn't just pretty. It's comfy and functional so it makes us WANT to use the space regularly.

colorful covered patio

Tip # 3: Add ambient lighting

One of my best screened-in-porch ideas is to add as much ambient light as possible! We built that DIY outdoor chandelier over our table and it gives the table such a wonderful glow during dinner. We also hung string lights that are on a light switch–that adds a huge magical factor. And I just recently added these hanging lanterns with battery-operated candles. Couple all of those electric lights with plenty of candles and you can't help but enjoy and relax. You can see them in action in the video below.

screened-in-porch with string lights at night

And you can find links to some of my favorite outdoor lanterns by clicking on the image below.

collage image of outdoor lanterns
Click the image for links to all my favorite outdoor lanterns!

Tip #4: Add plants!!!!

True, you may have to drag them in and out before those Spring temperatures stabilize, but plants add so much texture, interest and beauty to outdoor living spaces! I'm a big believer in having plants everywhere!

screened-in-porch ideas with fireplace

Tip #5: Bring in pops of color!

It's no secret that I use a lot of color in my decorating. But even if you are afraid to decorate with color inside, trust me when I say your outdoor space can handle (and needs) pops of color to really bring it to life. You can take more chances with color in an outdoor space because it's going to be balanced with all the nature surrounding your space. If you do restrain yourself in the color department, make sure to use plenty of different textures to make sure the space has enough interest!

Studio McGee egg chair on covered patio

I'll do my best to link to all the available sources at the end of this post, as well as highlight DIY projects that we tackled in this space.

For now, take a look at how it turned out! I hope you'll get several porch decorating ideas for yourself! You can find more screened-in porch decorating ideas here.

colorful screened in porch ideas

But now let's take a look at it in the evening when it's PURE MAGIC!

screened-in-porch ideas for lighting
screened-in-porch with string lights at night
screened-in-porch with string lights at night
screened-in-porch with egg chair at night
screened-in-porch with string lights at night
screened-in-porch with string lights at night
screened-in-porch with string lights at night

Can you see why I'm in love?! It's my favorite space on the planet. No exaggeration.

Now, as promised, here's the source list!

Outdoor Porch Source List

Our main seating area furniture is from Article:

For the rest of what you see in the space, click on any of the photos below for full product details! I've also included a seating set that's really similar to ours from Article, but more budget-friendly!

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  1. All you need now is a pizza oven and you’ll never have to go back inside. I have a feeling this summer is going to be relaxing due to this room. Gorgeous as always.

  2. Tasha, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Love every single thing. As always, you picked out spectacular pieces and everything goes wonderfully together. And wow, what a stunning view you have! I’d spend all my time out there, but I know the inside of your home is just as beautiful! Great job.

  3. Looks very nice!! Kind of what I’m hoping for eventually is something similar. I have my order in for a 42×18 deck, some of which will be completely covered. I too want a fireplace area but absolutely NO TV.!! I do not like a tv around to compete with. I don’t even have one in my living area. That is reserved for hubby’s man cave. I’m not a tv person but do watch some in the evenings with hubby. I have one in my craft room as well but just for sound every now and again because I spend a lot of time home alone. I’m more a music person and will definitely have music in my outdoor area. We will also have a projector and screen for those nights when all the grandkids are here and want to be outside. We do a lot of camping in the backyard…lol. The grands love it!!
    I’ve been longing for that outdoor space for quite some time now and it’s finally almost here! Love the size of yours and that back door is awesome!

  4. Love; love; love! So welcoming and room for groups and solo ponderings.
    One caveat – you say that the egg chair seats ‘2’; but the seller clearly states that it is for 1 and only up to 250 lbs. Didn’t want your legal dept. to start having a hissy! ~ LavaidaVandelia