19 Creative DIY Floating Wall Shelves

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Floating shelves are an awesome design element. They are so versatile and can be made to fit any space. These 19 tutorials will inspire you to create your own DIY floating shelves!19 wall shelves tutorials

We are knee deep in our kitchen renovation and there are so. many. details! Some are very not fun, like how to work around the steel beam we just found. Others are REALLY fun, like which floating shelf style do I want to use?

I went to my favorite place to get inspiration and gathered some AMAZING ideas for floating shelves on Pinterest. Y'all are going to love these too, I know it! Sometimes I get super tired of decor trends, but floating shelves is one I can't get enough of.

The only issue is I cannot decide which direction I want to go in for the kitchen shelves. Industrial? Live edge? Metal brackets? So many creative options and unconventional touches has my brain churning up ideas!

Check out my 19 favorites (including some I have made for different rooms in our house) and get inspired. These tutorials will make it so easy for you to create your own!

live edge floating shelves

Live Edge Floating Shelves by DIY in PDX

floating shelves with copper pegs

Copper Peg Shelves by Vintage Revivals

rustic modern floating shelves

Rustic Modern Floating Shelves by Hey There Home

floating shelves with cords

DIY Shelving with Wood and Leather by Houseologie for Kaleidoscope Living

floating shelves in boy's room

Narrow Floating Shelves by Sawdust Sisters 

floating corner shelves

Corner Floating Shelves by A Beautiful Mess

wall to wall floating shelves

Wall to Wall Shelves by Chris Loves Julia

Dining Room Bar Pipe Shelves by Kaleidoscope Living

industrial dining room bar shelves
floating concrete shelves

Concrete Open Shelves by Houseologie

over the toilet shelves

Easy Floating Shelves by The Sweetest Digs

floating shelves with leather straps

Leather Suspended Shelves by Around the Houses

industrial modern floating shelves

Industrial Modern Floating Shelf by Vintage Revivals

DIY media shelves

DIY Media Shelves by Shanty 2 Chic

floating box shelves

Box Shelves by Ama Ryllis for Bob Vila

floating shelves and desk in colorful room

DIY Floating Shelves by Kaleidoscope Living

chunky wood floating shelves

Chunky Wood Shelves by Yellow Brick Home 

floating shelves with IKEA brackets

DIY Shelves with IKEA Brackets by A Shade of Teal

heavy duty kitchen floating shelves

Heavy Duty Floating Kitchen Shelves by Bigger Than the Three of Us

copper shelves with plants

Copper Shelves by Vintage Revivals

Aren't these all amazing?! These DIY floating shelf tutorials have me SO inspired. I cannot wait to move forward with my plans for the kitchen! Stay tuned to see which direction we go with our floating shelves.

Don't want to undertake a DIY project but can't stop thinking about adding floating shelves? We also have our favorite options for floating shelves you can buy. These are also amazing and will take a lot less time and energy to add them to your decor! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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