Cool Gift Ideas for Men (for those difficult to shop for men in your life)!

Do you feel like the men in your life are impossible to buy for because they have everything? We have an amazing list of the coolest gifts for men. I guarantee there will be things on this list they don't have but will love!

coolest gifts for men

Today I am sharing the coolest gift ideas for men. Why? Because y'all, Christmas is coming! Every year I find myself panicking right before Christmas trying to pick out perfect gifts for our friends and family. NOT THIS YEAR! I am so on top of it this year that not only am I getting my shopping done early and I want to help you do the same.

 I think men are by far the most difficult to shop for. Whether it's for my husband, dad, brother or friends, cool gift ideas for men confound me. But I scoured the internet and found some of the best out there. You're welcome :)  

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Men can be SO HARD to shop for! This list of cool gift ideas for men has some awesome and unique gifts that men will love.

Amazingly Cool Gift Ideas for Men

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener– I've seen MANY wall mounted bottle openers out there, but this is by far the best looking I have seen. Men will love it and their wives won't cringe at the thought of hanging it up–and they will love that it catches the bottle caps!! And at under $40, this won't blow your holiday gift budget either. 

wall mounted bottle opener

Hammered Moscow Mule Mug Set– Moscow Mules are all the rage right now, and after trying my first a few months ago while out to dinner with my husband, I understand why. They are refreshing and delicious! It doesn't hurt that they are served in stunning copper mugs and these would be a welcome addition to any man's bar.

hammered copper Moscow mule mug


The Mel Brooks Collection– DVDs always make the list of cool gift ideas for men IF you pick the right ones! I have to admit, I don't always get Mel Brooks' humor, but men seem to love him so this Mel Brooks collection is sure to be a winner with a man in your life.

Mel Brooks collection

SolarPuff Collapsible Light– If you know a man that loves to camp or spend a lot of time outdoors, this collapsible light is something he will love. This inflatable solar light harnesses the sun's energy and provides up to 12 hours of light. The shell is made of water-tight sailcloth so it can weather any storm, and its flat-packable design makes it super portable. It's even great to keep in a glove box in case of an emergency.

solar lantern

Six Pack Bottle Cooler– I'm thinking this one really doesn't require an explanation if you know a man who is a beer lover :)six pack bottle cooler

Reclaimed Fire Hose Duffel Bag– Okay, so I might think this one is extra cool since I'm married to a firefighter and it's made out of a reclaimed fire hose, but I think even non-firefighters would appreciate the awesomeness of this hose duffle bag

Traction Mat for Cars– Not only will this traction mat help a man in your life get unstuck, but it may also help him rescue someone in need which does wonders for the male ego. That's the real gift :)

snow tracks

Circle Ring Tool– This is one of my favorites in this list of cool gift ideas for men. It's a 10 in 1 multipurpose tool that fits on a key chain! Perfect for the handy (or not so handy) man in your life. It's also small and super inexpensive, so it makes a great stocking stuffer.

keychain screwdriver tool

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger– I kind of want to get one of these for my husband JUST so I can enjoy it. You don't need any tools to inflate it–just the air around you! It's perfect for the beach, outdoor concerts or camping! It can handle up to 400 pounds, so it can seat several people. Best of all, deflated it's small and seriously lightweight. Super portable!

inflatable couch

iPhone Dock and Organizer– I can't get over how pretty AND functional this iPhone dock and organizer is. It holds all your man's stuff, from his wallet to his keys and watch and it charges his phone. Best of all, this beauty costs less than $40! Talk about an awesome gift.

wood charging station

Mongram Cornhole– I have yet to meet a man who doesn't love to play Cornhole. This set is attractive and at the time I am writing this it is a whopping 67% off making it super affordable. Enough said!

personalized cornhole

Magnetic Wristband– If you need to buy a present for a DIYer or handyman in your life, they will LOVE you for this one! I bought one for my husband years ago and it gets used all the time. No more dropping screws or nails in the middle of an important job. PS- This one is actually way cooler than the one I got for Joe. I may need to upgrade his :)

magnogrip magnetic wrist gaurd

Yeti Hopper– If you polled all the dudes out there and asked them for the coolest cool gift ideas for men, I am almost certain that a ton of them would include a Yeti cooler on the list. But WOWZER, they are expensive. This Yeti Hopper is still expensive, but it is far more affordable than some of the other Yeti options and can still hold 12 bottles.

yeti hopper

Hydroflask Beer Growler– Last but certainly not least on the list of cool gift ideas for men is this stainless steel beer growler. If you have a man who loves to brew in your life, this gift will definitely earn you points :)

hydroflask beer growler

That's it! Aren't these the coolest gift ideas for men? Which is your favorite? I hope it helps you as you shop for the men in your life! Stay tuned for next week when I'll be sharing some AMAZING personalized gift ideas.

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  1. Noooo! I’m not anywhere near a Christmas frame of mind yet! lol I can’t believe it’s so close!
    I’ve ordered 4 gifts for the most important person, my grandson ?, but haven’t given anything else a thought.
    Thanks for the ideas tho, I did find something for my son from your suggestions.
    Let’s just take this one holiday at a time, lol.
    Have a great night!

    1. Awww, I am sure your grandson will be thrilled with what you have picked out, Candy! And I’m so glad that you found something for your son after checking out my post! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I with you on this! I’ve already begun shopping and am making several gifts and I know what everyone is receiving! That’s the hardest part, right? Love your blog!

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