Cute Bathroom Signs for Your Doors & Walls

Decorating your bathroom can be a fun and easy DIY project, no matter your style. And one of the best ways to personalize your bathroom is with cute bathroom signs on your doors and/or walls. I've rounded up the cutest and most stylish bathroom signs that are sure to add personality to your space!

pink powder room sign on dark blue bathroom door

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a bathroom sign and I really don't know why, other than they are cute, fun and just a tad bit whimsical. And for powder rooms, they also have the added bonus of helping your guests find the bathroom easily. When we completely renovated the powder room, I repainted the door navy blue and added an adorable metal powder room sign. It was black, but I painted it a pale pink and was absolutely smitten with it (it is pictured above).

I still get asked about that powder room sign all the time, so I figured it was time for me to round-up some cute bathroom signs for y'all! That exact sign is no longer available, but I've found a similar option, don't worry.

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Bathroom Signs for Doors

bathroom door sign made from wire

Wire Bathroom Sign

This cute sign made from wire is the closest I have found to the “powder room” sign on my door above. You can also place a custom order, so if you have your heart set on “powder room” that is totally doable! There's also a variety of colors available.

Solid Brass Door Signs

These solid cast brass toilet door signs are beyond charming. They are made from an original Victorian Railway pattern and cast using traditional methods used in the 1900s.

Washroom Door Sign

This vintage-inspired metal washroom sign would be adorable on any bathroom or powder room door! You can customize your sign to fit your bathroom decor by choosing gold or black text.

Acrylic Woman & Man Signs

I absolutely LOVE these acrylic bathroom signs! They come in gold, black or silver and are self-adhesive. They are meant for commercial bathrooms, but I think they would be magical used in a home!

Hanging Bath Sign

If you don't want to hang a sign directly on your door, this hanging bath sign is so fun! It would be perfect in a hallway of multiple doors so there's no way a guest can confuse which one is the bathroom.

Funny Bathroom Door Sign

If you want a bathroom sign with a touch of humor, look no further. This bathroom sign of stick figures doing the pee-pee dance made me chuckle out loud. But it's not just funny, it's cute and stylish too. It also comes in black.

Classic Powder Room Sign

This simple black and white pressed aluminum powder room sign will compliment nearly any decor style. And it's classic design will never go out of style.

Toilette Sign

Another classic black and white bathroom sign, but this time with a french twist. This toilette sign is made from heavy duty cast iron, which adds to it's nostalgic feel.

Light Blue Powder Room Sign

I love the light mint color of this vintage-inspired metal powder room sign. You can choose from several text options including: powder room, bathroom or toilette.

You can find even more options for signs to hang on your bathroom or powder room door below.

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Bathroom Signs for Your Walls

Doors aren't the only fun place to hang cute bathroom signs. It can be hard to know what kind of art is appropriate to display in a bathroom, am I right? But bathroom signs are always appropriate! They are a great option for hanging on bathroom walls or leaning on a bathroom shelf.

Funny Bathroom Signs

A bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house where you can get a little cheeky with your decor. If humor is your thing, consider one of these funny bathroom sign ideas.

All Bums Welcome

I love everything about this bathroom sign. It's adorable and a little bit cheeky ;)

What Happens in the Bathroom Stays in the Bathroom

This funny bathroom sign is also a stylish piece of art! Perfect for other color-lovers like myself :)

Ew Wash Your Hands

It's always good to remind people to wash their hands before leaving the bathroom, so why not do it with a sense of humor?

Bathroom Word Jumble

A sign that cracks a joke and gives people something to do? Win-win.

Nice Butt

Give anyone who uses your bathroom with this cute bathroom sign. I love the simple modern design and pop of color.

Bathroom Review Sign

Give your bathroom users a preview of what other people love about the most private space in your home. Complete with nearly 5 star ratings and hilarious feedback, this funny bathroom sign is sure to get a smile out of anyone who sees it.

Best Seat in the House

If you are a parent of young kids, the toilet really can be the best seat in the house–it's quiet and private :) So give your bathroom the accolades it deserves with this adorable sign.

You can find even more funny bathroom sign options below.

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More Cute Bathroom Signs

If funny isn't your thing, there are plenty of other stylish bathroom signs to choose from!

Wash Your Hands Metal Sign

Give your friends and family a friendly reminder with this metal, cut-out quote. I love the clean, modern lines of this sign!

Colorful Plungers

There are some not-so-glamorous items that every bathroom needs, like a plunger. So why not embrace it and celebrate it with this colorful plunger art? You can choose a white, black or navy blue background (and there are other bathroom item designs, too)!

Vintage Soap & Water Sign

The retro design of this black and white soap and water sign is so classic and timeless. I would love to see it in a bathroom with subway tiles or in a historic bathroom with vintage tiles!

So Fresh and So Clean

Add a pop of color and pop culture to your bathroom with this fun “so fresh and so clean” sign. It comes in several cute color options!

You can find even more bathroom signs and art below.

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We have already tackled two DIY bathroom remodels in our current home and I can't wait to renovate the powder room in our current home. You better believe I will be including at least one or two cute bathroom signs when I do! I hope you feel the same way and that this post has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect sign for your bathroom. Happy decorating!

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