16 Ideas for the Perfect Entryway Storage Bench

Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Entryway benches are a game-changer for busy families that have lots of shoes and bags to keep tidy and easy-to-find. But finding the perfect entryway storage bench can be challenging! This list has tons of entryway bench ideas to inspire you.

At the time I originally wrote this post about entryway bench ideas we were knee-deep in plans for our full kitchen remodel and the kitchen entryway (it's the door we enter and exit 95% of the time) in our old house. What I struggled with the most when planning that renovation was how to incorporate/create a “drop zone” that would work well for our family. As a family of four, we have a lot of stuff that goes in and out of our door and needs a spot to “live” when it's in our house. I knew that an entryway bench would provide much-needed storage and organization.

In my quest to narrow down our plan I came across a ton of AMAZING DIY entryway storage bench ideas. I've fully updated this post and am sharing my favorites with you in this post. You'll find everything from a simple wooden storage bench to a seriously amazing trunk with geometric inlay. And then, of course, my search lead me to entryway benches with storage you can buy, because I know not everyone wants to DIY something when there are great and affordable options out there.

 Functional & Beautiful Entryway Benches

DIY Shoe Storage Bench by Jaime Costiglio. This clever wooden entryway bench is designed to hold large premade crates! It is an extra-long piece but could easily be made to fit less crates to fit a smaller space.

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blue entryway bench with crates

Simple Entryway Bench by Erin Spain. Erin built this simple DIY bench using a few power tools. She used a few power tools- kreg jig, drill, and miter saw to make this, which sounds intimidating, but it is an easy build!. Then finished it off with a stain and it looks perfect! Not to mention it is very budget-friendly.

narrow wood entryway bench

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Bench by Cherished Bliss. This beautiful farmhouse style bench is great storage. The addition of the galvanized bins is perfect for storage.

entryway bench with metal baskets

DIY Mudroom Bench from Honeybear Lane. This locker-style entryway bench was a total DIY. Heidi really wanted good winter accessory storage and coat rack, and this design with the baskets and coat hooks is perfect!

entryway bench with cubbies and hooks

DIY Storage Bench by Jen Woodhouse of The House of Wood. This Pinterest worthy build is beautiful and it has a secret storage bin under the seat to hide the mess!

blue entryway bench

Wood and Pipe Entryway Stand by Making Home Base. Chelsea made this after spying a much less budget-friendly one. There are lots of tutorials for entryway benches, but this one is a little different and I love it!

industrial pipe entryway bench with hooks

Aztec Bench by Erin Spain. This bench is basically a set of storage drawers that are the perfect height for sitting! Erin is amazing at woodworking tutorials, and this cool bench is no exception!

aztec painted entryway bench

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage by Fix This Build That. This DIY has a beautiful bench top that he just used polyurethane on to show the wood grain!

entryway bench with shoe storage

Entryway Storage Bench by Handmade Haven. Ashleigh shares Mandi's entryway bench plans for this amazing storage bench. Every step is in 3D and she does a thorough job explaining this DIY, making it great for those who may be a little newer to woodworking.

wooden storage entryway bench

Simple and Budget-friendly Bench by Shanty 2 Chic. This gorgeous bench looks like it came from Pottery Barn! The most amazing part of it is that it only cost $25 to make.

DIY rustic entryway bench

Geometric Plywood Storage Box by Allison Young from Shark Tails for Remodelaholic. This bench is a stunner! I am in love with the geometirc lines. It is hard to believe it is a DIY!

geometric inlay storage box

Industrial Mudroom Bench by Sam Henderson for HGTV. This bench has a cool industrial vibe and two storage shelves making it simple to customize the storage for your family's needs!

industrial entryway bench

Inspired Two-drawer Bench by Woodshop Diaries. This Pottery Barn inspired DIY is much more budget-friendly than the one you can order but it is equally as amazing! Also, there is a video tutorial, making it even easier to build one yourself.

small wood entryway bench

Entryway Bench with Cubbies and Hooks by House Updated. This mudroom cubby DIY has twice the storage, making it perfect for a busy family! Things your littles need to access all the time can go in the bottom baskets, and items that are more seasonal can go up high!

entryway bench with back and hooks

Entry Bench with Hidden Storage by Rogue Engineer. This genius design has hidden storage! Just slide the cushion over and you can access the secret space to hide all the messy things you don't want junking up your entryway!

modern wood entryway bench

Simple Bench with a Pop of Color from Stacy Risenmay at Not Just a House Wife. This bench may be simple, but it packs a design punch! The pop of color elevates the whole thing and gives the entryway a cool vibe.

simple entryway bench with blue legs

Aren't those amazing? That last one with blue legs really makes my heart happy ;)

We are lucky that our new house already had a built-in entryway bench and drop zone! I thought through how I wanted my mudroom to work for our busy family. We updated the built-in mudroom bench with a fun and easy DIY wood slat wall treatment! So don't overlook the possibilities of working with what you may already have and making it better!

colorful mudroom with wood slat wall

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But for those of you who don't have an obvious mudroom/drop zone in your home, I hope you'll consider building yourself one of these DIY entryway benches.

Entryway Storage Benches You Can Buy

Do you love the idea of having an amazing bench in your entryway, but need something you don't have to make yourself? I get it! There are PLENTY of times I find something I love and buy it so I can spend my time on another project. Never fear! I found you some AMAZING choices for the perfect entryway storage bench for any space or style! Check them out below. 

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