5 IKEA Insider Tips That Will Change Your Life + What We ALWAYS Buy at IKEA

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

IKEA is a game-changer for finding amazing and affordable decor and furniture. These five insider IKEA tips from an expert will change your home and your life!

IKEA insider tips

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It is no secret around here that I love IKEA. We have shopped there so many times over the years I believe we have seriously refined the IKEA shopping experience. To know IKEA is to love IKEA, but you have to know how to work the shopping process or you may leave with nothing due to sheer overwhelm! Once you understand how IKEA does things and how to be an efficient shopper, you will never leave disappointed again. And I am here to help! These 5 insider tips will help you navigate the best ways to make the most out of your time and money. And we share what our favorite IKEA things are and what we always buy when we are there!

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All the Details:

bright pink billy bookcase hack

  • We also bought this loveseat originally for their nursery and we are still getting use out of it! It lives in Avery's room now.

girl reading in colorful room

  • There is a serious IKEA shipping that I want everyone to know because it is a game-changer! I spill the secret on it and you can thank me later, because it will save you so much time and money! 

  • Find out what we like to eat at IKEA. Spoiler alert: mine is NOT the meatballs, which is apparently controversial in some circles!
  • I drop a hot tip to help you navigate the IKEA maze more quickly. A lot of people don't know about the secret doors!
  • Creating your own shopping list on the IKEA website is the best. Click here to make yours to make your shopping easier.
  • I have two words for you: Click & Collect. (Okay two words and a ‘&'). This service is literally the best thing that happened to our IKEA shopping trips. We will even tell you how to work the system a little. Click & Collect maximizes efficiency and that makes my heart VERY happy.
  • We used their amazing online planners when we redid our office. You can see the Algot system we used for our craft room storage (we designed the whole wall and it is perfect!) and below that the Pax wardrobe I also use for storage. I highly recommend using the online planners to avoid heartache and bad words. Planning everything out carefully will hopefully cut out sizing mistakes and product returns!

organized IEKA office and craft roomorganized ikea desk and office

ikea meme

ikea meme

ikea meme

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