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Avery’s Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover REVEAL

October 21, 2021

We totally transformed Avery's very beige and boring bathroom into a fun and beautiful space. And we did it all without spending a fortune or doing any demo!

$950 budget-friendly bathroom makeover before after

I survived this whirlwind of a bathroom makeover. This isn't the first bathroom makeover/renovation we've done. We completely gutted and remodeled our girls' bathroom in our last house ourselves. And then we gave our primary bathroom a super affordable makeover shortly before moving out a year ago. But this might be my favorite bathroom transformation yet.

If you read the post where I laid out the plans for Avery's budget-friendly bathroom makeover, you know that I had a lot of work to do in here (even without ripping everything out and starting from scratch). I originally thought I could get it pretty much done in 1 day. Spoiler alert… that did not happen. It took me 2 1/2 days. Part of that is because it took forever for the cabinet paint to arrive, lol. THANK YOU to everyone who followed along on my Instagram stories and cheered me on the whole time–that made it super fun!

If you didn't read my last post and are looking for the quick recap, we decided to work with all the existing materials in Avery's bathroom because though it was outdated, there was absolutely nothing “wrong” with her bathroom. The layout is great. There are no leaks. There are no cracked tiles. The bathtub, sink and vanity are all in great shape. So in the end, I just couldn't wrap my head around ripping everything out and starting from scratch. It felt wasteful from a material standpoint AND from a budget standpoint.

But I wanted to aesthetically totally transform her bathroom, which just a few days ago looked like this.

outdated brown bathroom
outdated brown bathroom

So I came up with this design plan and then got to work. You can find a source list at the bottom of this post.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

bathroom makeover plan turtles

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The Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Take a look at how it all turned out!

budget-friendly bathroom makeover reveal
girl's bathroom with turtle decor
girl's bathroom makeover reveal

A Recap of the Work

I painted the brown walls white (Pure White by Sherwin-Williams). And I swapped out the old mirror for this one. I also updated the light fixture with this beauty and swapped out the faucet for this more modern option.

budget-friendly bathroom makeover

I covered the floor tiles with these GORGEOUS tile stickers (you may remember that we used tile stickers in our laundry room several months back). Unfortunately, tile stickers can't be used in a shower, so we are stuck with the brown shower tiles. I COULD have painted them using this method, but I really don't want to because it's time-consuming and I really don't want white tiles. You can see how to install tile stickers in my Google Web Story below.

tile stickers on floor in bathroom makeover

Instead, I'm hung these 9-foot curtains on each side of the shower and this 9-foot shower curtain in the middle so that we really don't see the tile unless we are in the shower. It's the perfect way to hide all the brown tile.

To update the vanity, I painted the cabinet base using this method AND I painted the granite countertop using this method. I also replaced the hardware. I found these inexpensive drawer pulls that look great and these ADORABLE turtle knobs that Avery is head over heels in love with. It looks like a totally different vanity now!

diy painted countertop in bathroom makeover
painted bathroom vanity with turtle knobs

And added artwork and accessories that reflect Avery's love and obsession of turtles :) I found the “Turtles Knowledge” poster here (I chose the 24 x 36 size) and the print of the Sea Turtle in the bathtub here. She loves both of them. I framed both of them with this inexpensive poster frame.

turtle poster in bathroom
turtle poster

What do you think?! I love it. Most importantly, Avery loves it! I hope this shows you that you can dramatically transform a bathroom in a budget-friendly way by working with the elements you already have, like tile and vanities. I think we can all agree this space looks pretty different, right?! Here's some side-by-side comparisons for fun.

bathroom makeover with tile stickers
updated bathroom with painted vanity

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

Budget Breakdown

Wondering how much this makeover cost? You can find the breakdown below:

  • Tile stickers (pack of 24): $105
  • New vanity light: $259
  • New mirror: $90
  • New sink faucet: $85
  • Pair of 9-foot curtains: $78
  • 9-foot shower curtain: $18
  • 1-gallon wall paint: $60 (paint prices are HIGH right now)
  • Cabinet paint: $22
  • Countertop paint (we used leftovers for free but new would cost $44–all you need to complete this countertop is this white base coat and this for the veining)–then top with polycrylic
  • Polycrylic (we used leftovers for free but new would cost $10)
  • New cabinet hardware: $26
  • Inside curtain rod mounting brackets: $5
  • Curtain rod: $32
  • Decor (bath mat, art, frames, towels, hooks, etc.): $170

So our out-of-pocket cost was $950 out of pocket (and would have cost $1,044 if we hadn't had any leftover materials from other projects. Not bad when the average bathroom renovation costs $8,098 (national average).

Bathroom Source List

All other products that I can find links to are below. Click on any image for full product details :)

As always, I created this design the same way I create all of my other designs. I pulled out my Designer in a Binder® and moved through it step-by-step (if you are a Designer in a Binder® customer and are curious, the bathmat was the “crucial element” for Avery's bathroom–it made all the other decisions so easy)!

Designer in a Binder® is the simple system I have used for years and years to design spaces in my own home. A couple of years ago, I finally put it all down on paper so that others can use it as well! In it I walk you through all the important stuff like choosing items that are the correct scale, space planning, mixing patterns, choosing colors and more! I give easy-to-understand guidance on all of this in Designer in a Binder®! You can order your binder now. We have over 9,000 happy customers so far! Click HERE to learn more.

Designer in a Binder interior decorating system
Designer in a Binder® interior decorating system

Designer in a Binder® interior decorating system

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  1. Karla says:

    I’m obsessed! It’s so beautiful, bright & cheery! Love the budget-friendly/non-demo design option here. 😊

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