Budget-Friendly Plans for Avery’s Bathroom

October 15, 2021

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We will be transforming Avery's very beige and boring bathroom into a fun and beautiful space. Best of all, we will be working with all of the existing materials to keep it super budget-friendly!

Hey friends! If you've been here a while, then you probably know that we've been in our current house almost exactly 1 year! I was recently asked on Instagram if we were running out of spaces to work on. I laughed out loud and explained that we still have PLENTY to work on. We haven't touched a single bathroom in our house. Every single one of them is beige, boring and outdated. Don't believe me? You can take the “before” tours of our house here and here.

We talked a lot about demolishing the bathrooms and starting from scratch because we really don't care for the brown tile. But here's the thing… There's absolutely nothing wrong with the bathrooms. There are no leaks. There are no cracked tiles. The bathtubs, sinks and vanities are all in great shape. The bathrooms are outdated, but that's literally the only thing “wrong” with them.

So in the end, I just couldn't wrap my head around ripping everything out and starting from scratch. It felt wasteful from a material standpoint AND from a budget standpoint. Especially for our girls' bathrooms. I mean they are KIDS. I grew up in a house with only 1 bathroom, so I feel like it's pretty amazing that they have their own bathrooms. I definitely don't feel like we should be spending many thousands on dollars on kids bathrooms that aren't broken.

This is what Avery's bathroom currently looks like.

However, y'all know me well enough to know that just because we decided against a full remodel does NOT mean I decided to just accept its outdated aesthetics. NOPE. Instead, I got creative and came up with a way to give Avery's bathroom a completely updated look without changing any of the major components. Let's take a look at the design plan, and then I'll explain exactly what's happening in her bathroom.

The Design Plan

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The Logistics

If you are wondering how in the world I'm going to pull off a dramatic makeover with all that brown tile and outdated vanity still in place, let me explain.

I'll be covering the floor tiles with these GORGEOUS tile stickers (you may remember that we used tile stickers in our laundry room several months back). Unfortunately, tile stickers can't be used in a shower, so we are stuck with the brown shower tiles. I COULD paint them using this method, but I really don't want to because it's time-consuming and I really don't want white tiles.

Instead, I'm going to hang these 9-foot curtains on each side of the shower and this 9-foot shower curtain (yes, you can get them that long) in the middle so that we really don't see the tile unless we are in the shower. Let's call it a clever disguise.

As for the vanity, I'll be painting the cabinet base using this method AND I'll be painting the granite countertop using this method. I'll also be replacing the hardware. After all that is done, you won't recognize it.

The other changes will be easy! I am going to start by painting the brown walls white (that alone will be a welcome change). And I'll be changing out the mirror, light fixture and sink faucet which will go a long way in updating the space.

And I'll be adding artwork and accessories that reflect Avery's love and obsession of turtles. Sweet girl. Would I normally decorate with turtle items? NOPE! But will I do it for my turtle-loving girl? Absolutely. It's her bathroom and I want her to love it. Speaking of which, she was heavily involved in the design! She picked out the paint color for the vanity as well as the towels. I surprised her with the artwork I picked out, but got her approval before actually ordering it. She enthusiastically approved of it, lol!

So that's the plan! I'm hoping it will be a pretty quick makeover, but you never know. Be sure to follow along on Instagram since I'll be sharing every step of the makeover in my stories!

I created this design the same way I create all of my other designs. I pulled out my Designer in a Binder® and moved through it step-by-step (if you are a Designer in a Binder® customer and are curious, the bathmat was the “crucial element” for Avery's bathroom–it made all the other decisions so easy)!

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