DIY Furniture

DIY furniture ideas are so fun and can absolutely transform the look of a home. You probably have nice (or not so nice) pieces that you’ve owned for some time but have fallen out of love with for one reason or another. But replacing furniture can be so expensive! Check out ideas like how to make an old couch look new again, how to paint wood furniture the proper way, how to restore leather furniture, how to recover a wingback chair and how to refinish wood chairs and tables without stripping or sanding!

Specific project ideas like remaking over an ikea dressers or bookshelves, giving new life to an old table or putting different hardware on some old drawers or cabinets will inspire you to undertake fun project ideas of your own! Now you can think twice about giving away that side table hiding in your attic or nightstand long forgotten in the garage. Some spray or chalk paint, the right tools and a quality stain can bring almost anything back to life!