Avery’s Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Reveal

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

After living in our home for almost a year, our tween daughter's midcentury modern bedroom is done! It's 100% her style and she's in love. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

girl's purple and green bedroom

When we moved into our current home, we gave Avery this beautiful mid-century modern bed from our old guest room because we couldn't bring the built-in bunk beds from her old room with us, lol. She's been using a cute mid-century table that I scored on Facebook Marketplace as her bedside table for a temporary solution. We moved two old dressers and an old bench into her room, mostly because she needed some drawers and we didn't have anywhere else to put those pieces. And we had hung some art (you can check out my art picks for girls' bedrooms here). And it remained in this “thrown together” state for about a year.

This is what her room looked like before we set out to properly finish it.

girl's purple and blue bedroom
girl's purple and blue bedroom

The dressers you see are from IKEA and are absolutely fine, but Avery doesn't need that much drawer storage and they are really large for the space. They are the dressers that we bought for our girls' nursery 11 years ago–we got PLENTY of use out of them, lol.

With Avery's input, we finished the space a couple of days ago and SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. I've mentioned before that Avery's style is very different from my own. Unlike me and Attley, Avery does not love all the colors. She does love purple and green. Avery also dislikes most artwork, which made finding pieces she was happy to have hang on her walls was challenging to say the least.

When we asked Avery what she wanted in her room, she made one thing absolutely clear… She wanted a desk. The one thing Joe and I wanted was for Avery to have better storage for her books (that had been thrown into the bench and on her bedside table) and all of her “treasures.” I don't know if you can relate, but my kids both have lots of little doodads. Attley calls her little things “stuffy stuff” but Avery thinks of all her seemingly random rocks, feathers, etc. as TREASURES. And we love that for her! But we can't stand them cluttering every surface. So we ordered two of these to help corral all the little stuff!

So we decided to sandwich a desk between these bookshelves which we will be moving up here from where they are in our family room. We love these bookshelves so much–you may remember that they were in the dining room of our old house. And the bookshelves are so much more shallow, narrow and visually “lighter” than the old dressers! They opened up the space so much.

girl's mid-century modern bedroom
girl's mid-century modern room

Since Avery still needed at least a few drawers, we ordered her this pretty and simple 3-drawer dresser. We originally planned on it replacing her nightstand, but in the end we put it on the other side of her bed which makes more sense because of its proximity to her closet since she's always getting dressed over on that side of the room.

girl's mid-century modern room

Alright, enough explanation. Take a look at my girl's mid-century modern bedroom! You can find a complete source list at the bottom of this post.

girl's mid-century modern room
girl's mid-century modern room
girl's mid-century modern room
girl's mid-century modern room
girl's mid-century modern room

I think we nailed Avery's aesthetic AND the function in this room, which is a double-win. What do you think?!

You can find all of the room sources (that I can find links for) below :)

Avery's Room Sources

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  1. I love the organization of the bookshelves. The image of the display box links to tea storage boxes with lids and hardware. Did you remove the hardware and patch the holes, or did you use a different style box?