Stylish Family Photo Wall Display Ideas

Last Updated on March 16, 2023

I love seeing family photos but I hate seeing surfaces cluttered in my home. If you feel the same way and are looking for stylish ways to display family photos in your home, you are in the right place! I'm sharing creative family photo wall ideas that feel like art and decor instead of clutter!

family photo wall ideas

One of my favorite things we have had in every home are our family photo displays. I can't stand to see things too cluttered, so I came up with creative family photo wall ideas to display my favorite pictures of our family.

You can do these with professional photos, pics you have snapped with a digital camera, or even your phone! The biggest hurdle is getting them into frames and onto the wall. You won't be sorry you made the effort!

Check out all of my favorite ways to display family photos below. I have included all of my own family picture wall ideas and lots of other cool options. From colorful mats to giant prints to eclectic galleries, we found the best ideas to give you tons of inspiration for your own family photo display!

My Favorite Ideas for Displaying Family Photos

Wallpaper Mats and Lighting

This small alcove desperately needed some color and interest, so adding this family photo gallery wall here really accomplished both of those things. I love the wallpaper mats surrounding photos of my favorite people! You can watch the video below for an overview of how I completed this simple project!

unique display of family photos with wallpaper photo mattes
source: Unique Family Photo Gallery, Kaleidoscope Living

Colorful Mats and Gold Frames

A simple DIY takes a black-and-white family photo wall to the next level! I filled the entire wall between the doors with family photographs matted with bright colors and gold frames. The sconces elevate the gallery and make it feel super stylish. Before this gallery wall, I had my DIY canvases up in my hall and they had so much fun color and texture (and are so simple to make).

colorful gallery wall in hallway with blue doors
source: Colorful Gallery Wall with Gold Frames, Kaleidoscope Living

Photo Ledges with Matching Frames

Using similar frames on matching picture ledges in varying lengths gives your photo gallery a cohesive feel but lets the pictures stand out! I mixed my favorite black and white and color photos to bring this collection to life.

mix of black and white and color family photos displayed on ledges
source: Photo Ledges with Matching Frames, Kaleidoscope Living

Carmen used printed family snapshots to make this fun eclectic family gallery wall on her upstairs landing. I love the black and gold frames to make it look cohesive. She also includes great tips for hanging a gallery wall that are helpful!

Split Photo Wall Art

Sometimes we catch a snapshot that is perfect! Use this cool idea to create a modern diptych out of canvas prints. I love this creative idea to display a favorite phone in a fun way.

Large Family Photos in Colorful Frames

Pair black and white pictures with colored frames to make your family photo wall gallery feel fresh and stylish! Printing them really large makes it a cool focal point. I love the balance between the close-up shots and the more pulled-back ones.

Mixed Metals in a Staggered Grid

Keeping all the family photos black and white but choosing different frames makes this gallery wall feel interesting while still working together as a unit. Don't be afraid to mix your metals! I also like that the frame widths are all fairly similar and she kept them in a grid. It is not overwhelming to look at and looks beautiful.

mixed metals family picture gallery
source: Chris Loves Julia

Have a giant wall and photos you love? This is the perfect way to display them! Identical gallery frames hung in a grid fill this large space perfectly. This is a perfect photo wall for Type A's who love a symmetrical display.

Polaroid Display

Take all those fun iPhone pics and turn them into Polaroids! Then pop them up on the wall to enjoy forever. There is something about these kinds of snapshots that feel fun and casual!

There is a reason this type of gallery is a classic. It looks great! Use cohesive frames and plan your wall out carefully and it is fool-proof. Need ideas? Look at Pinterest for ideas and layouts.

Family Photo Grid

Create a small grid with your favorite photos. Less is more! Hang them in a spot that allows you to really enjoy them up close. This idea showcases a small number of family photos in stylish white frames. Because they are grouped together right in the entry it makes them feel extra special.

Photo Posters

Take advantage of a long hallway with lots of wall space by creating a gallery of photo posters! The black frames and large white borders make it feel very high-end. This has the feel of an actual art gallery as you walk down the hall.

large black and white hall photo gallery
Source: Studio McGee

Staircase Photo Wall

Blow up your favorite photos and create a gallery up your stairs! These natural frames pair perfectly with the colors of the photos. Using a collection of photos all taken in the same place creates a cohesive color story going up the stairs.

family photo wall on stairs
source: A Cup Of Jo

Minimal Family Photo Wall

Going minimal can make a surprisingly big impact! I love these portrait-style photos blown up. This is a family photo display that is simple but high on style. Not to mention so easy to replicate.

So many great ideas! Adding family photos turns a well-designed house into a beautiful and inviting home. Personal touches are so important in creating a home that is truly a reflection of your family! Don't be afraid to add pictures–just do it in a way that makes sense for your home decor and the design of your home. Create a fresh family photo wall that is stylish and modern. You will love it for years to come and your family portraits will always be in style!

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