5 Tips to Decorate With Color (Even When It Scares You)

August 6, 2019

Are you scared to decorate with color? These five easy tips will help you get past your fears! Get the bright and beautiful home you want with these simple ideas to bring more color into your decor.

5 Tips to Decorate with Color


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If you have been around the blog for more than one second, you know that color is my jam. I love a bright beautiful colorful world and my house is a direct reflection of that! Give me all the rainbows, all the hues, all the bold pops. However, I TOTALLY understand that color scare lots fo people. You may want to decorate with color, but you have no idea how to do it or where to start. I am here for you! I want you to incorporate color into you home and love it too!

This week's episode is a fast and furious look at 5 tips I have developed that can help anyone decorate with color. They take the fear of out and put you in control of your decor! I take you through each step and share the mishaps I have made along the way (yes I have made plenty of mistakes too!) Listen in and find out about the misteps I have made along the way (how many room colors are too many for one house?), how I test the waters with a new colorful idea (hint: it is removable!), and easy updates that make a big colorful difference (even Joe has ideas on this one!). 

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All the Details

  • Take a look at Joe's perfect leather reclinerYou can also take a tour of our house, including the family room with the famous recliner hereJoe is obsessed with this thing, which I am not surprised about because it is AMAZING. His love for the recliner is well documented. We also mention it in the Open Concept episode and the Tips for Marrying Styles episodes, so clearly it is a thing. 
  • If I was a throw pillow (normal statement, right?) I would be this pillow. It is just the perfect colorful representation of my soul. I am sure you are wondering how that would ever even come up, but believe me, it has multiple times. Here it is with Joe's BBF, the recliner. I love that we both discuss these two pieces in this episode as our focal point for decorating this room and I have a pic of them together. This is the most perfect representation of us as a couple in a decor picture ever. I am sorry to share the sad news that the pillow is no longer available from West Elm. geometric pillow with leather recliner
  • We were both a little (or a lot) scared of wallpaper. I am sure that shocks you! So to ease us into the idea of bright colorful wallpaper I started with our linen closet. Small, easy to access, and we can shut the door if we hate it. Well, we don't hate it (at least I don't) and I have posts sharing the details for how to hang removable wallpaper and the organization process for this masterpiece in color and tidiness.organized colorful linen closet
  • Joe makes a very valid point that we use bedding to decorate with color. Genius, sir! The exact bedding we have is no longer available, but this set is similar. Avery's room also has a fun and colorful duvet–it isn't available anymore but this one is in similar colors. 
  • Digital art prints are my favorite secret to adding (and changing) color in your rooms. I have an awesome gallery of free printables that you can access here. I designed everything in the gallery and love them all! For this, you can also text ARTLIBRARY to 44222. There are also holiday prints in the gallery that you can change out seasonally, which is a fun designer trick. colorful Christmas printables
  • Thea's butterfly curtains are a thing of beauty, even if her red walls are a little much (her words). We have also talked about these curtains several times, so here is a pic (curtain model is also pretty cute). The fabric is here but seems to be sold out.
  • Want to make your own mood board? Text MOODBOARD to 44222. This process really is the best way to look at all of your ideas in one place before you dive in. Perfect for deciding on the colorful aspects of the room and if you are decorating as a couple it allows your partner to see your vision and tweak it if needed.  This is the latest mood board I put together for the kitchen.kitchen mood baord 

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