Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Kid-friendly home decor is a real thing! You don’t have to sacrifice your style. These tips for kid-friendly decorating will help you achieve the family home of your dreams.

kid-friendly decorating ideas

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Anyone that has a family understands the delicate balance of decor that is kid-friendly and stylish. Trying to design spaces that work for kids without sacrificing your design aesthetic can be so tricky! These kid-friendly decorating ideas will help you understand how to work with your kid’s stuff so everyone is happy in your home.

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In this episode:

  • 00:45 – Today, we’re talking about stylish and kid-friendly decorating ideas! But first, what’s happening on the homefront? It’s summertime, which means swimming and camp for the kids (carpentry camp, to be exact, how cool is that?!). The girls are currently working away on crafting some birdhouses for the yard. 
  • 3:50 – This week’s Newlywed Game question is: what is the other person’s least favorite thing about summer? Tasha thinks Joe dislikes mowing the grass all the time at the beginning of summer, but Joe actually enjoys taking care of his lawn. Instead, Joe’s least favorite thing about summer is the heat, especially when tackling projects. Joe guesses that Tasha’s least favorite thing is also the heat (and humidity), which she wholeheartedly agrees with.
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  • 10:30 – Tasha offers some opening comments on kid-friendly home decor. Many people seem to think that style and kid-friendly are mutually exclusive and you can’t have both. Because of this, so many people wait for their kids to get older to decorate their house. Please, don’t wait to decorate and enjoy your home! There are also huge benefits to teaching kids to respect their home (yes, it’s their home too) by not coloring on walls or cleaning up after themselves.
  • 16:42 – Here are some great, practical tips for how to have a kid-friendly home that still suits your style. Tip #1 (this may be Tasha’s biggest tip) is stylish storage. You gotta hide the ugly! Kids toys and playthings aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, so cleverly storing it and keeping it organized can help balance having an intentional style while also making it a happy home for your kids. Store kids items in beautiful wicker baskets, a functional dresser with drawers, or an upholstered bench that gives a more grown-up and organized feeling. 
  • 24:27 – On to Tip #2: Once you’ve hidden the ugly (and if you’ve already done this, you’re winning), be smart and intentional about the fabrics that you choose for your space. There are so many fabric choices to suit all types of styles while also being super durable and easy to clean. For example, Tasha and Joe have vinyl barstools, but the fabric looks like a lovely cream leather. Microfiber, twill, even denim and velvet are great, versatile, and durable fabrics that can really bring out your style! Check out our own distressed velvet West Elm Harmony sectional sofa, which was recommended for people with kids.
  • 34:05 – Before we move on to Tip #3, let’s first hear from this week’s sponsor! Today’s episode is brought to you by Designer in a Binder. Now, you can order a physical copy of Designer in a Binder, shipped straight to your door! This is not just a book, it’s really a shortcut – it’s a system to teach you how to think and design your home like an interior designer, but you get to do it yourself! Because you are creating your own interior design plan, it’s way more customized to your style and what you really love (and it costs less than a one-hour consultation with a licensed interior designer). To order your copy of Designer in a Binder, just visit
  • 35:45 – Now for Tip #3, which is that you just have to carve out some space for your kids’ stuff, which can be accomplished even in the smallest of homes. If you’ve got a lot of space, maybe the kiddos can have a dedicated playroom. As Tasha and Joe’s girls have gotten older, they moved out of their playroom (now Tasha’s office) and have claimed a part of the family room for themselves. Organizational furniture pieces like IKEA’s Trofast storage series can help create a great, organized place for children within shared living spaces. Designated spaces make everybody’s life easier!
  • 49:03 – Tip #4 is about area rugs. Tasha feels that every room should have an area rug because it’s such an effective way to bring color, texture, and patterns into a room. These days, you can find great rugs that aren’t crazy expensive, but also think about indoor/outdoor rugs. These things are UH-MAZING. Indoor/outdoor rugs are super durable and easy to clean, so they are perfect for kids to play on, spill things, and get dirty. You can also try FLOR carpet tiles, which are adhesive, square tiles of carpet that can easily be replaced if they get stained, but also allow you to get creative with different patterns, colors, and layouts. Ruggable is another great option that offers affordable, machine-washable area rugs. Let us know if you’ve tried FLOR or Ruggable and what you think of them!
  • 54:07 – Moving on to Tip #5 is all about establishing basic house rules, which is especially important with kids. Kids are capable of a lot more than we think they are – don’t assume they’re going to ruin or break everything – but you still have to let them know what the expectations are (like, the paper is for drawing on, walls are not). 
  • 55:37 – Tip #6, which may be Joe’s favorite, is to purge the unused kids' stuff regularly and make sure that your kiddos are involved in that process. Involve them in the decision making of choosing what to get rid of, especially with things that aren’t as age-appropriate anymore. A useful tool is a one-in-one-out rule – kids should understand that when they want a new toy, an old one should go to make space for it. (P.S. This rule also applies to adults! A cluttered room will never be a beautiful room.)
  • 1:02:00 – We’re going to close out with some listener questions and comments. First, from Instagram, “I have a 3 year old boy and twin girls who will be 1 next month. I can’t quite merge their toys because of choking hazard issues, so what is the best way to organize their toys separately?” Tasha’s tip is to take advantage of the height and gender difference in your children. Store your boy’s toys higher up than the girls’ toys, and use different colored storage to show them which toys are for who. If your son has some smaller toys that could end up in a baby’s mouth, find some stackable storage bins with lids! Tasha and Joe have a couple storage bins with hinged lids that the 3-year old can access but would still protect your younger daughters.
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