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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: 7 Awesome Tricks

May 29, 2020

Wondering how to make your home feel more spacious? These 7 tips from the pros teach you exactly how to make a small room look bigger!

Hi guys! Chelsea here from Making Manzanita where it's all about making your house a home you love. I love teaching overwhelmed women how to decorate their homes on a budget. Today I'm going to be chatting about something that I've learned the in's and out's of….how to make a small room feel bigger. A couple of years ago we moved into a pretty small home and I had to employ all the tricks in the book of ‘how to make a small room look bigger.' Living in a small home is a problem that I think a lot of us deal with. Fortunately, there are some tried and true tricks of the trade on ways to make a room feel larger. And today I'm spilling all the secrets!

7 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Tip 1: Hang your curtains to the ceiling

Don't just hang your curtains to the top of your window frame. To really make your space look larger, hang your curtains all the way up to the ceiling like Elsie has done here in her Master Bathroom shown on A Beautiful Mess. This simple hack will help elongate the room height and make it feel much taller than it is. Be sure to buy the correct length of the curtains because you want them to hang all the way to the floor. Otherwise, it will look a bit like high water pants! Tasha did a great job hanging her dining room curtains and her bedroom curtains to really draw the eye up.  bathroom with floor to ceiling curtains

Tip 2: Lighten up your color scheme

You will seriously be amazed at the dramatic transformation you can make by simply lightening up the color scheme of a room. Just look at what a big difference it made in Kristi's living room shown on Making It In The Mountains after they lightened the wall color and furniture. The room feels much larger now, doesn't it? In Tasha's powder room makeover, the bright walls and colorful mural make the small space feel totally different!  dark outdated family room light and bright farmhouse family room

Tip 3: Add an accent wall

Adding an accent wall is a great way to make a room feel larger. One of the many things we did during our farmhouse bathroom renovation shown on my blog was to add a simple faux shiplap wall behind the toilet. By giving the eye somewhere interesting to focus immediately, you are distracted about the rather small size of the room and let me tell ya…this bathroom is SMALL. You can see that we also lightened up the color scheme and replaced the toilet with one a little taller, which helps make the room feel a bit taller (just like that hanging the curtains higher trick!).

bathroom accent wall

Tip 4: Emphasize and increase natural light

Ditch the dated blinds and let the natural light in! Emphasizing and increasing the amount of natural light makes a huge difference in making a small room feel bigger. You can see here that Shannon from AKA Design removed the blinds and let the natural light pour into her living room. She also lightened up the color scheme, which made a big difference. A great way to increase natural light are skylights. Tasha added some in her master bedroom and the natural light is amazing!

family room with natural light

Tip 5: Incorporate statement art

Statement art is another great way to make a room feel larger. Statement art is just how it sounds…large art that really makes a statement in the room. It gives the eye somewhere to focus, and hopefully, the art is interesting and appealing. Our very own Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living has done a great job in her master bedroom with adding statement art. Adding the interest to the walls not only adds tons of character to the room, but makes it feel larger.

Tip 6: Incorporate a mirror

Another tried and true trick to make a room feel larger is to add a mirror in the room. Mirrors help bounce light around a room, which helps by boosting the amount of natural light in the space. Plus, there's something about the reflection in the mirror and seeing “more” room that really makes an impact and make a room feel larger. Erin from DIY Passion has done a great job at incorporating this hack in her bedroom (she also added a colorful accent wall, which I LOVE). wood statement mirror

Tip 6: Add smart storage

There's no surprise that if there is less clutter in a room, it will definitely feel larger. One of the best ways to make a room feel larger is to include smart options that provide lots of storage without taking up a ton of floor space. Sara from Twelve on Main has done a great job in her farmhouse master bedroom with adding in these built-ins and window seat to create functional and beautiful storage on a wall that wouldn't have been very useful otherwise. Tasha added a window seat with storage in Attley's room and it works great for books and other little girl stuff. Other great options Tasha has used for smart storage include back door storage, a full wall of craft room storage, and a bench with hidden storage for games! Get creative and use space efficiently! farmhouse bedroom with built-in storage If you're dealing with a small home, I'm sure you are constantly thinking about how to make a small room look bigger. Even if you don't have a small home, you can still benefit by trying some of these 7 ways to make a room feel bigger. They will work instant magic and you will be shocked at how much bigger your space feels! Want more great interior design tips from Kaleidoscope Living? Check out Tasha's post 5 Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You are Making (and How to Fix Them), and her podcast episodes Affordable Interior Design: Is it Possible? and 5 Tips to Decorate With Color (Even When It Scares You). Make sure to pop by Making Manzanita and check out some of my other great tips and tutorials like these three reader favorites!

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Thanks so much, Chelsea!!!! Tasha here now :) Designing small spaces doesn't have to be hard or frustrating. I teach all about choosing items that are the correct scale, space planning (both of which are CRUCIAL for small spaces), mixing patterns, choosing colors and more in Designer in a Binder®! And the brand new 3rd edition starts shipping soon. You can order your binder now. We have over 4,600 happy customers so far! Click here to learn more.

Designer in a Binder interior decorating book and system
Designer in a Binder interior decorating book and system
Designer in a Binder interior decorating book and system


So many of us have small spaces in our homes that we want to feel larger. These seven tips for how to make a small room look bigger are how the pros do it!
So many of us have small spaces in our homes that we want to feel larger. These seven tips for how to make a small room look bigger are how the pros do it!

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