From simple DIY decor to huge home improvement projects and renovations, my love of DIY is the reason for this blog! With hundreds of DIY ideas here, you’ll find tutorials from beginner level to advanced. Do it yourself to get the look for less.

We tackle DIY projects big and small. From bigger projects like updating our staircase railing to painting kitchen cabinets without sanding or priming to smaller projects like updating outdated tile without replacing it and painting vinyl floors, there is something here for DIYers of every skill level!

And that’s not all. We share inspiration for DIY projects that I have curated from around them web. You can find things like inspiring DIY IKEA Hacks and ideas for affordable DIY countertops.

There’s a very good chance we’ve got a post dedicated to the very DIY project you are thinking about so use that search box and take a look around!