The 2 Things Absolutely EVERY Room Needs

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

There are 2 things every room needs! Follow these 2 interior design tips and make every room in your home feel more complete immediately.

the two things every room needs

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Every room in your house may be different, but they all need two things in common! Find out what these important (and easy!) two things are on this episode of the Colorful Conversations. We go through the easiest ways to add them to your room and what a difference it makes once you have them. Aren't you dying to know what they are?!!?

All the Details

  • There is nothing more fun than having your kids be wowed by your job. Mine regularly get to see all the cool aspects of Joe's job as a fireman (you really cannot beat a firetruck, y'all). So I was VERY excited to see their reactions when they heard the podcast on Alexa for the first time. Thea's kids had the same reaction! 
  • I tested Thea and Joe with the topic of the day. They had some interesting ideas and we all had a serious laugh when Joe made fun of Thea's guess. I will give you a hint.

  • After I let them in on the first secret ingredient to the perfect room, (spoiler alert: it is curtains!) we discussed one of the best before and after examples I have seen on the importance of curtains and how much it can change a room. I redesigned my BF's bedroom and talked her into adding them. She wasn't sorry! 



  • The second thing every room needs is…drumroll….plants! You need a little something green in every room. And the best part is, if you have a black thumb there are awesome alternatives out there! We have fake plants in some of our rooms, and I think they do the job beautifully.
Feast dining room chairs by Article
  • I love Instagram big time. Stories are my favorite! Follow me at @tasha.kaleidoscope and you can watch along with my projects, fun finds. and family stories. If you want more IG from the Kaleidoscope family that will make you laugh, follow Thea at @thea_peaShe doesn't talk about design or DIY, but her life is pretty entertaining! 

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  1. I absolutely agree with both of your choices! Even the simplest and most minimalistic room looks so much more habitable and comfy with curtains! And plants? Unless you have a terrible allergy to any of them there is no excuse to not having them in your interior design :)